What Are the Specifics for Video Capability Within Mangoapps?

As new features are added, this will be the central article for all video related FAQs. Today we answer the following questions:

What video formats are supported in MangoApps?
Why does it say “Video conversion in progress…”?
What are the differences if my MangoApps uses SAN or S3 storage?
Where in MangoApps can I play videos that have been […]

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How Can a User Upload Files to a Mangoapps Folder Via Email?

MangoApps users may need to upload files to a MangoApps folder via email. This is to ensure that all the work related files are on the MangoApps application and can be forwarded using your email client.
Files module has a setting to allow users to upload files to a folder using its email address. By default, […]

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Mangoapps – Microsoft Office 365 Integration

MangoApps Office 365 Integration makes viewing of office documents seamless and editing/co-editing in the browser or iPad super easy. The integration comes with an experience your employees will love and security your IT will approve.
Employees get a seamless document viewing, editing and co-editing experience on the intranet and in teams with MangoApps + Office 365 integration. This integration […]

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How Can I Search for a Document in Mangoapps?

Easily find a specific file in MangoApps using our convenient search box feature. You can search by file name, by entering text appearing within the file, or by a specific field, such as tags or file dimensions.
Note: In order to use the search box feature in MangoApps you must at least have a “view” permission […]

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How Can I Embed External Sources into Mangoapps?

MangoApps allows you to easily pull in content from external sources and embed the content on any Wiki, Page, or Post within MangoApps. This can be used to embed your Google calendar, company stock chart, or any other web service offering iFrame embed code.
These are the steps to follow:

Copy the IFRAME code from the item […]

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How Do I Import Files in Bulk?

To upload an entire folder structure to MangoApps, you can  use MangoApps for Windows or MangoApps for Mac with Sync.
Download the MangoApps for Windows or Mac applications, configure sync and move the folder you want to sync inside the MangoAppsSync folder in the appropriate location.
Link to download MangoApps: https://www.mangoapps.com/products/collaboration/features/native-clients
Refer https://www.mangoapps.com/help/what-do-i-need-to-know-about-mangoapps-sync  for everything you need to know about sync […]

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What is the Easiest Way to Export Files in Bulk?

There are couple of ways you can achieve this.

You could use the MangoApps Desktop client to sync all the folders you would like to Export. Refer the article for everything you need to know about MangoApps Sync : https://goo.gl/DY4fss
You could also right click on any folder from files module and download the entire folder / sub-folder. Refer screenshot below


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How Can I Embed an Iframe into a Wiki?

For this article, we’ll need an example. If you wantto share your Google Calendar with members of a Project, you could do so through a wiki with the calendar embedded as an IFRAME. The steps you’d need to follow are:

In the calendar list on the left, click the down-arrow next to the calendar you want […]

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Document Approval Workflow

Before you begin
Start an approval workflow on a document
Approval notification
What happens after a document is submitted for approval?
Editing existing approval(s)
Viewing the progress of the approval process
Sample scenarios

1. Overview
If you’ve ever had to obtain approval from a group of people for a project plan, a proposal, or some other important document, you probably know first hand […]

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How Can I Share Mangoapps Files & Folder Publicly?

You can share files with anyone, even non-MangoApps users, by getting the public link to any file. Once you get the link, you can send it by email, Facebook, Twitter, instant message, social networks — wherever you want. You can share these links with anyone, even if they don’t have a MangoApps account.

You should only […]

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Who Can See the Documents That I Upload to Mangoapps?

You, the document poster, control the privacy settings with regards to that document. Privacy Settings on the communication that the document is attached to determine who can see the document that you upload. For example, if you attach a document to a public wall post to a colleague, then anyone can search for and find […]

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How Do I Upload and Share a Document?

Share a document in MangoApps by attaching it to a communication feed. With every activity feed you post, you can choose to click the “Attach” link to share a document. The document is uploaded to MangoApps and can be searched for by the same people that can view the feed.

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Working with External Document Repositories

How do I attach a file to a MangoApps feed that is stored in an External Document Repository?
When I attach a file that is stored in an External Document Repository is the file copied to MangoApps or is a link to the file shared?
What do I see in Files & Folders for files stored in […]

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Mangoapps Wiki Wysiwyg Quick Start Guide

In MangoApps, the underlying code that renders the wiki is HTML. As such, the wiki is very flexible if you want to use HTML to create your page. But what if you want to use the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) Editor?
To start off with, not all of the capabilities of the […]

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What Are the Benefits of Using the Media Gallery in Mangoapps?

This article covers all the ways to use the Media Gallery in MangoApps to find and showcase your pictures, videos, and audio contributed by your domain members.  Each section below starts with a question.  Questions include:

What is the Media Gallery concept?
How do pictures, video, and audio get added to the Media Gallery?
Who can see the […]

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How Do I Upload Files to Mangoapps?

You can upload files an documents a few ways in MangoApps including:

As an attachment to a new feed or comment.

When creating a feed or commenting on one, look for the “Attach” link to add a file as part of your communication. The privacy of the file depends on the location of the feed or comment […]

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How Do I Change the Permissions on a Mangoapps Document?

To change between “editor”, “viewer” and “owner” permissions per, you can:

As the owner of a document, network admin or the team admin, find the document that you want to change the permissions for.
Click on the document line item to bring up the menu where you can choose “Share Permissions”.

From the window that opens, choose “Change Permissions”.

For […]

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Mangoapps Document Viewer

MangoApps ships with an inline document viewer for opening more than 45 file types. The end user does not need to download or install any additional software normally required by other document viewers. You can zoom in, view, and copy information from documents right from the web or desktop. By the end of this document […]

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How Do I Share an Entire Document Folder?

To share a link to a document folder simply:

Choose “Files” from the left navigation bar
Expand the folder hierarchy until you’re at the level of the folder you’re interested in sharing.
Right-click on the folder that will be shared.
Choose “Share folder” from the menu.

You would be presented with these options as shown in the image.


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How Do I “move” Documents in Mangoapps?

Documents can be moved between folders that you’ve created in the MangoApps document cloud. This article discusses files in the following types of folders:

Personal Folders
Team Folders
System-created Folders

Personal Folders
Personal folders are those folders that you create in MangoApps that are outside of projects and groups. Personal folders appear under the “My Drive” hierarchy when looking in the […]

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Team Wikis & Posts

By the end of this article you will have the answers for the following frequently asked questions about Team Collaboration MangoApps wikis and posts:

What is a Wiki used for?
Who can edit my wiki?
What’s required before a I create a wiki or a post?
How do I create a MangoApps wiki in a team?
How do I add […]

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Attach Files to Feeds & Comments

Attaching files to your communications is important the best practices when collaborating in MangoApps. Attachments will be discussed the the question headings:

Why should I attach documents to communications in MangoApps?
How do I find files in MangoApps that were previously attached?
How do I update attachments with new versions of the same file?

Why should I attach documents […]

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What Does Each of the Mangoapps Document Access Tracking Types Mean?

Access Tracking types can be found on the File Details page with the “Tracking” sub-tab enabled as in the image below.
The possible Access Tracking Types and their meanings are:

Uploaded – A user has created a new version or edited an existing version and put that version into the MangoApps Document Cloud.
Downloaded – A user has retrieved a […]

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How Do I Move My Wiki to Another Group or Project?

To Move a wiki from it’s current location to another Group or Project:

Make sure the destination group or project has the wikis module enabled.

Go to the wiki that you will be moving and click on “Wiki Tools” on the top right to select “Move”

Remove the current project from the “Select destination Project or Group”.

Start typing […]

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How Can I Create Feeds That Stream Videos?

To create a feed that other users can find to stream the video you attach:

Create a status update or any type of feed and attach the video file you would like others to stream.

To watch streaming videos from feeds:

Find the feed that your colleague has posted that has a video attachment. Here’s an example:
You can either click […]

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How Can I Set Up File Repository in Mangoapps?

You can sign into your SharePoint Server, Office365, DropBox, OneDrive, Probox, Windows File server, Box and Google Drive document repositories. You never need to remember where you saved your files. Find them from one screen in MangoApps and share them in updates with your colleagues.

First, your MangoApps admin needs to allow this functionality by clicking “Admin […]

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How Can I Post a Picture Hosted in Mangoapps Cloud in a Wiki?

If you want to embed a picture in a MangoApps Blog, Post or Wiki today there are two options:

Use a picture from your computer’s hard drive
Embed a picture from a URL

This article covers the steps to embed a picture that is stored in MangoApps using it’s URL.
If you were to do this from any other […]

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How Do I Filter Wikis in Mangoapps?

To filter wikis to “My Wikis” or “All Wikis”:

Choose “Wikis” from the left navigation bar
Find the drop-down menu on the top right.

All Wikis – Shows all the Wikis in your domain.
My Team Wikis – Shows Wikis in the teams user is part of.
Wikis Created by me – Shows self created Wikis

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How Do I Use the Wiki Full Page Editor?

To use the wiki full page editor:

Open a new wiki or use an existing wiki.
Click “Edit” on the top right
The WYSIWYG editor opens letting you edit the wiki in Full page editor.
Continue editing until the Wiki is ready for publishing. Then click “Save and Publish” button on the top right.

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How Do Document Dimensions (custom Field) Work?

Document dimensions (custom field) helps you categorize the documents in your MangoApps domain based on your organizational structure and workflows. You can categorize your documents using dimensions using the following and as shown by the screenshot below:

Single Line Text
Multiple Line Text
Multiple Choices (Multiple Selections)
Multiple Choices (Single Selections)
Calendar Lookup

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How Do I Create a Document Hierarchy?

To categorize your documents, go to the Admin portal and choosing “Modules” from the left navigation
Choose “Files” from the secondary navigation
Click “Settings” from the top right and select “Configure Custom Fields”
Using a combination of “Multiple Choices (Multiple Selections)”, “Multiple Choices (Single Selection)” and the other Dimension Types, you can configure how your documents will be organized. […]

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How Do I Add Multiple Documents to Mangoapps on the Web?

You can use a HTML 5 enabled browser** to Drag & Drop multiple files for upload to MangoApps by:

Create folders in MangoApps in “My Project Files” or “All Files” that you will choose later when you are uploading files.

Click on the “Files” module from the left navigation bar.
Click “Upload New Files” from the top right corner.

From your […]

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How Do I Use My Amazon S3 Account for Document Storage?

Switch to the Admin Portal
Choose “Modules” -> “Files”.

Choose the “Configure Custom S3 Account” button.
Configure the settings based on your S3 Repository.

Optionally click “Test Connection” and wait for a success response. Then click the “Save and Activate” button.


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How Can I Associate Related Content to a Wiki in Mangoapps?

Users with edit privileges can add related content to any file, post or wiki. To add related content:

Open the open.
Scroll below and under “Related Content” section of the wiki, you can file, wiki, posts, forms and trackers
Once you’ve chosen the related content, choose the “Add” button and add the content to the wiki

Then, other users who […]

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How Do I Use Wikis in Mangoapps?

What are Wikis in MangoApps?
How do I create a new MangoApps wiki?
How do my project colleagues get notified of my wiki activity?
How do I use the MangoApps WYSIWYG editor?
How does the table of contents for wikis work?
How to hide the table of contents?
How do I create Wiki hierarchies of in MangoApps?
Who can edit my wiki […]

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What Browsers Does the Mangoapps Document Viewer Work In?

MangoApps Document Viewer will work on 99% of the world’s browsers as long as JavaScript is enabled. The shortened list of modern browsers that are certified with MangoApps Document Viewer includes: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera.

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What is the Mangoapps Document Viewer?

The MangoApps Document Viewer allows users to view any kind of document as fast as possible without downloading or installing anything on the client side. The MangoApps Document Viewer uses state-of-the-art conversion methodologies to render documents on the fly. Included with the viewer is a unique set of user actions to render, enrich, and dynamically […]

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How Can I Download an Entire Folder Hierarchy from Mangoapps?

Folders with sub-folders and their respective documents can be downloaded as a ZIP archive from MangoApps. Then, you can unzip the archive to your local machine to maintain the same hierarchy that is in MangoApps.
To download a document folder hierarchy:

Click on the “Files” from the Left Navigation Bar.
Find the folder is at the top of […]

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How Can I Create Folder Hierarchy Within Mangoapps?

You can “nest” folders within folders to organize your documents into a hierarchy. To create a nested folder:

Click on the “Files” from the left Navigation Bar.
Select the folder that you want to create a new folder inside.

Right Click the folder and select “New Folder” button.

Once select, a new folder is created letting you name the […]

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How Can I Create Folders for Documents Within Mangoapps?

To create a folder in MangoApps:

Go to “Files” from the left navigation Bar.
Click the “Create New Folder” button on the top right of the screen.
Name the folder in the “Create Folder” Box.
Select the “Parent Folder”
Optionally set permissions for the folder. You can choose to keep the same permissions as the parent folder.
Click  “Done” button to finish creating […]

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