No one comes close to MangoApps' flexibility, features, ease of use & price.

Every organization needs a unified work hub to increase efficiency, satisfaction & security. We understand this deeply and have been innovating in the space since 2010.

1. We make it simple

Deploying a new software tool at your large company can be a nightmare. Unlike the software giants that are constantly adding new siloed tools and layers of complexity with little to no support for all but their largest customers, MangoApps is a single, comprehensive platform. Working with us is easy.

Our software is deep, wide, and modular, and we work with our clients to ensure that they only get and pay for the parts they need. We—actual human beings who are friendly and enthusiastic—are there every step of the way, from implementation and rollout through long-term growth. You don’t have to pay 5 figures for a premium customer support tier, or navigate vague documentation to get MangoApps up and running, or solve problems.

Our comprehensive approach ensures a friction-free experience for you, and a simple, user-friendly interface for your team. Customers rave about how easily their teams adapt to MangoApps, and how little hand holding they require. Better yet, our customers stick around for a long time, because they get value from working with us.

Our modular approach makes it easy to start small in your digital transformation journey, and ramp up over time.

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2. We make it affordable

We get most of our customers through word of mouth, which we see as a natural result of our customer-obsessed approach. This lets us limit our spending on marketing and sales, instead investing in engineering and support. The results are cutting-edge products, positive customer relationships, and low costs. Our pricing model can save you over 80% against the tools you’re using now, simply because we aren’t subject to corporate bloat.

Our Pricing is Different

Sectors like healthcare and manufacturing have something like 20% of their large teams in corporate roles, and the rest at the front lines. With these numbers, decision-makers are put into the uncomfortable position of either paying through the nose for expensive communication tools for everyone, or keeping 80% of their workers out of the loop.

MangoApps’ low per-user pricing changes that equation--our mobile app functionality enables your front-line teams to seamlessly integrate their communications into the same platform with your corporate staff, meaning that everyone is better connected without having to spend a fortune.

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Your brand. Your processes.

3. We make it yours

Our tools adapt to the way your company does work, and not the other way around. This isn’t like purchasing a big-name tool that you have to convince everyone to buy into, and then struggle through learning how to use.

We will work with you to get our flexible solutions integrated into the systems and workflows you already have in place, and brand everything to your company so it feels like it was developed in-house. Team members outside of IT at many of our customers have never heard of MangoApps—they know it by the on-brand name their company gave it, and love how easy it is to use and how seamlessly it fits into their lives.

There are whole industries built around consultants that charge piles of money to take big-name tools like Sharepoint and build custom solutions on top of them so they work with your company. This stems from inflexibility and poor customer support at the large vendors, who don’t have the time or capacity to work directly with each customer.

At MangoApps, we believe in quality relationships over quantity, and we will do everything in our power to set you up for success.

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4. We make it fun

Did we mention poor customer support at big vendors? We’ve all experienced the endless queueing and searching for information that comes with a bad vendor experience.

With MangoApps, every customer gets a workspace where they can collaborate directly with their assigned member of our team. Our customer service is an everyday, ongoing relationship. You won’t need to go through customer support hurdles when something goes wrong, because you’ll already have a partner from our team who knows what’s going on and is on top of fixing it.

We have people in your time zone, wherever in the world you are, and we function on a steady diet of ongoing customer feedback and interactions, which fuel everything we do, from engineering to sales and support.

Our Support is Different
Our Priorities are Different

5. We make it last

Your long-term success with MangoApps is our top priority. This isn’t just lip service—our whole business model revolves around ongoing customer relationships, so we are incentivized to provide you with as much value as possible, for the long haul.

We take pride in the fact that our customers not only stick around over time, but recommend us to their networks. Steady, long-term growth has always been our primary objective, and this allows us to structure everything we do around answering customer concerns.

We don’t care about fundraising or hype, so our time and attention is fully devoted to our products and our customers. You will never see us close a deal and then disappear, the way larger vendors might when they sign non-Fortune 500 clients.

6. We put you ahead

Our unique business model allows us to be cost-effective without being out of date or poorly built. This is what sets us apart from other vendors; we are constantly innovating and striving towards excellence, without compromising our customer focus or our lean approach.

Over the last two decades, big tech companies have built incredible consumer experiences, but employee experiences have fallen behind. Far too many companies rely on outdated, siloed internal tools that hinder their effectiveness.

You deserve better, and that’s what we strive to give you. Every company can reach its potential if it has an employee experience platform designed for the modern era. Unlike the growth-obsessed vendors and mega-corporations that we’re up against, we promise to invest everything we have in our relationship with you, and ensure that you succeed. You deserve nothing less.

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You Deserve Different

In summary, we create value beyond what is possible with a web of siloed tools

Single hub to connect employees

Single hub to connect all your employees and systems

Scalable platform

A scalable platform you’ll never outgrow

Simple to use, high company-wide adoption

Simple to use, high company-wide adoption

Turnkey services to ensure your deployment is a success

Actionable business insights around efficiency and employee sentiment

Around the clock support to ensure your success

Around the clock support to ensure your success

MangoApps Pricing

Pay for what you need, add more as you go

Break free from legacy systems and move forward faster with MangoApps.

A unified employee experience saves employees time, improves workplace efficiency and agility.

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