AI that transforms the employee experience

The AI-Powered Employee Hub

AI is built into everything we do, removing barriers so you can reach your maximum potential.

With new generative AI capabilities alongside background personalization and translation processes, MangoApps is always working to make your team more effective.

Generative AI is fundamentally changing every aspect of today’s business landscape, fast. With MangoApps, set yourself up for the next generation of AI-powered workplaces.

Information Assistant AI

Get exactly what you’re looking for with a chatbot that works better and faster than any search engine, crawling all your files and conversations with a nuanced understanding of what your employees are looking for.

  • Get quick answers to questions about information that exists within your intranet

  • Reduce time spent by colleagues asking and answering each other's repetitive questions

  • Enable tech-illiterate workers to get answers without learning search taxonomy

Content Assistant AI

Take your writing to the next level, faster and better than any human. Summarize, expand, fix, or change the tone of any snippet of writing in real time as you work on it, and dial in your messaging with sentiment analysis.

  • Generate high-quality copy quickly, reducing time spent on writing

  • Write quick outlines and let the AI flesh them out as needed

  • Reduce time spent nitpicking word choice by letting our AI assist with tone and language

Accessibility AI

Translation, auto-captioning videos, text-to-speech, and more ensure that everyone has equal access to your content, no matter who they are or where they are located.

  • Instant translation of user-generated content enables collaboration across borders and cultures

  • Auto-captioning and text-to-speech empower employees who are blind, deaf, or hard of hearing

  • Our search algorithm crawls video transcripts and includes them in search results

AI for Personalized Content Delivery

Surface and prioritize the most relevant content for each employee, so everyone gets the experience they need in a personalized, hyper-focused environment.

  • Intelligent prioritization of the newsfeed ensures that the highest-priority updates are seen first

  • Irrelevant updates are filtered out of each employee's personal dashboard

  • Smart segments group users by behavior patterns and mold the platform to their needs

Compliance & Security AI

Stay ahead of potential security issues without doing anything, with a proactive system that reports PII and unusual activity patterns to your security admins.

  • Custom PII patterns can be uploaded for our system to track and flag

  • Unusual activity patterns are caught early to proactively avoid security leaks and hacking

  • Save time for admins with a robust feature set to handle flagged content in bulk

Knowledge & Skill Graph

Connect the dots with a chatbot that understands who your employees are, what they do, and the skills they have to offer.

  • Get quick answers to questions about any information contained in your people directory

  • The whole company's skillsets are at your fingertips when you need specialized input on a project

  • Reduce the duplicated work that comes from not being aware of people in other offices

It all adds up to a smooth, personalized experience

All of these systems combine to make it easier than ever to connect people to information within your company. Remove barriers, minimize frustration, and free people up to do their best work.

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