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Case Study

How A Digital Workspace Helps YMCA Employees Better Serve Their Communities

How A Digital Workspace Helps YMCA Employees Better Serve Their Communities

Why Choose MangoApps

Improve Communication For Everyone

Improve Communication for Everyone

Empower 100% of your team with a messaging system designed for focused internal communication. It’s perfect for volunteers who don’t need an email account.

Ensure Your Staff and Volunteers
are Well-trained

Onboard people quickly and continually give them access to new skills. A strong online training program ensures consistent messaging and better employee performance.

Simplify Scheduling & Shifts

Eliminate confusion with a simple scheduling solution that is always up to date, so your managers don’t have to answer repetitive questions or scramble to find people.

Easy Information Storage & Retrieval

Never lose another important document by keeping all company information organized in one spot, accessible from desktop or mobile.
Simplify Scheduling And Shifts
Eliminate Endless Searching

Eliminate Endless Searching

Our wikis, libraries, and rich text pages give workers logical repositories of information. Better yet, global search makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Create Space for Questions

Give your staff and volunteers a space where they can ask a question and be instantly connected to the right person, creating a searchable historical record.
The ease with which someone can throw up a question and reply to someone else is huge. We wanted to have spaces that would be both resource repositories, as well as social spaces where people could share. So, MangoApps allowed us to bring those things and blend those things together.
- Emily Hatteberg, Editorial Manager & Content Strategist, YMCA

An Integral Solution for
any Type of Nonprofit

Community Service

Community Service
Better serve your communities by improving efficiency and saving money with MangoApps.
  • Enable your less tech-savvy staff and volunteers to respond to real-time needs with quick mobile collaboration
  • Send team-oriented messages only to those who need them with targeted communication, so your workers can focus more of their efforts on helping the public
  • Use ballots to gather input and make company decisions, such as board elections or new policy changes


Taking advantage of research-based and educational opportunities requires a digitalized communications hub to streamline dataflow and connect employees to their work.
  • Track budget information and grants through collaborative spreadsheets, with automation capabilities for approvals and informing colleagues
  • Provide easy access to funding resources and other important information with libraries, wikis, and rich text pages
  • Keep things organized with forms for your workers to fill out, which populate into interactive spreadsheets where nothing gets missed


We need to take action in helping save our world, and your team needs tools that make it as easy as possible.
  • Our platform can be implemented and managed with no IT involvement, so your team can focus on what matters most
  • Get people out onto the front lines efficiently with our built-in schedule manager, whether that means a peaceful demonstration or planting trees in the community
  • Create and deploy training courses in minutes, so everyone in your organization understands your priorities and message from day one

Medical Aid & Disaster Relief

Medical Aid & Disaster Relief
Allow your teams to focus on the needs of impacted communities by using MangoApps to simplify internal workflows.
  • Keep your teams aligned across borders with modern communication tools like real-time chat and messaging
  • Eliminate employee burnout by implementing a recognitions program to help make your staff feel appreciated
  • Upload health policies and resources to streamlined libraries, available at any time via a mobile device
  • Critical alerts are easy to deploy, ensuring that your distributed workers are informed quickly in dynamic situations
I find MangoApps really intuitive because it’s got a bit of a social media feel to it... It’s easy to get used to it, even if you’ve never used a platform like that before. Our old intranet was quite difficult and not very user-friendly, so this has been a real shift for us.
- Leanne Manchester, Senior Comms Officer, Wildlife Trusts
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Key Features

Build a platform that grows with your business. See these intuitive MangoApps features that
improve your retail operations across all levels and adapt to your future.


Every user gets a personal newsfeed, with posts and updates where they can react and comment within a familiar social media-like interface.

Modern Intranet

Stay organized with collaborative documents, wikis, and libraries, all nested in a mobile-friendly, searchable intranet.


Keep staff and volunteers aligned with your mission and values, through mobile-accessible training courses you can create and deploy in minutes.

Forms & Workflows

Track everchanging fundraising information and budget plans with forms that populate into collaborative spreadsheets, and automations that save time.

Rewards & Recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition makes your workers feel appreciated for their efforts. Virtual greeting cards spread joy throughout your organization and encourage employees and volunteers to stick around.

Focused Mailbox & IM

Efficiently push information out to your staff and volunteers, on a mobile-accessible platform to simplify targeted communication throughout all levels of your organization.

Our customers achieve amazing results

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MangoApps integrates with countless third-party platforms, allowing you to create a single page with quick links for all your critical tools.
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I think that's a great thing to showcase - that we're really happy with the responsiveness that MangoApps has and how they're really quick to help us and try to understand our needs.
- Elizabeth Hererra, Community Manager, YMCA

Break free from legacy systems and move forward faster with MangoApps.

A unified employee experience saves employees time, improves workplace efficiency and agility.

Modern Employee Experience Solution
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Definitive guide to delivering a unified employee experience (ex)

The definitive guide to delivering a unified employee experience

It is more important than ever to deliver an integrated experience whether employees are on the frontline, in the office, remote, or hybrid. Get your essential guide to providing a unified employee experience.