Enable volunteers & field workers with systems that work for them

MangoApps helps nonprofits organize and communicate, with a user-friendly digital hub that brings desk and field teams together.

Digital communication for a nonprofit


Bring your nonprofit’s whole workforce together

Rallying people behind a cause is challenging, especially when they’re outfitted with poor digital tools.

  • Mobile-accessible communication and intranet keep frontline teams informed of organization goals

  • Mobile-accessible training materials and peer access aid new volunteer and hire onboarding.

  • Intuitive social media-like interface for easy colleague connection and communication

The ease with which someone can throw up a question and reply to someone else is huge. We wanted to have spaces that would be both resource repositories, as well as social spaces where people could share. So, MangoApps allowed us to bring those things and blend those things together.

Emily Hatteberg

Editorial Manager & Content Strategist



Improve retention for volunteers and field workers

Reduce burnout with employee recognition features built into the systems your team uses daily.

  • Centralized, accessible information and resources for frontline workers during workflow.

  • Give staff a voice and boost engagement with social features that help build a positive work environment.

  • Conduct polls and surveys at a moment’s notice to gauge employee sentiment and prevent burnout.

Unified hub for communication and project management

unified WORK HUB

Equip 100% of your team with a unified digital work hub.

Reduce confusion and complexity in your tech stack with a mobile-first interface containing all the tools your people need.

  • Enable field workers to quickly access job-critical information on the go, in real-time, as they serve their community.

  • Deliver tailored content and pages, so each employee only sees what is relevant to them.

  • Make it easy for desk and frontline employees to communicate with each other, and remove the barriers between teams that often result in duplicated work


Nonprofits lack IT automation resources

With MangoApps, low-tech employees can set up workflows that reduce the amount of manual effort required to move information through your organization.

  • Eliminate paper and speed up your business processes with no-code digital forms and automated workflows.

  • Simplify your scheduling process with integrated online schedules for hourly employees.

  • Create an SSO dashboard so that your employees can log in once and access all of your digital tools with one click.

nonprofit resources

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MangoApps Named a Leader in the 2024 IDC MarketScape

Download the report excerpt to see why the IDC MarketScape named MangoApps a leader.

Magic Quadrant
Visionary, Intranet Packaged Solutions - 2023
Forrester Wave
Strong Performer, Intranet Platforms - 2022
IDC MarketScape
Leader, Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces-2024
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