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MangoApps empowers non-profits by unifying and streamlining workforces, enhancing collaboration between desk-based and field teams, and improving operations and volunteer retention. This enables organizations like the YMCA to amplify their impact and drive their missions forward effectively.

Unified Communication

Fostering Collaboration Across Your Mission-Driven Workforce

In the heart of non-profit operations, the ability to unite your workforce under a common goal is crucial. MangoApps ensures that every team member, from volunteers to office staff, is equipped with the tools they need for seamless communication and collaboration, keeping everyone aligned and informed.

  • Provide mobile-accessible communication and intranet solutions that keep frontline teams and volunteers fully informed of organizational goals and updates.

  • Utilize mobile-accessible training materials and peer access to facilitate the onboarding process for new volunteers and employees, ensuring a smooth integration into your mission.

  • Offer an intuitive, social media-like interface that enables easy connection and communication among colleagues, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

The ease with which someone can throw up a question and reply to someone else is huge. We wanted to have spaces that would be both resource repositories, as well as social spaces where people could share. So, MangoApps allowed us to bring those things and blend those things together.

Emily Hatteberg

Editorial Manager & Content Strategist


Enhance Engagement

Cultivating a Positive Environment for Non-Profit Teams

For non-profit organizations, the engagement and retention of volunteers and field workers are paramount to sustaining mission impact. MangoApps is designed to reduce burnout and foster a vibrant work culture through recognition, accessible resources, and participatory feedback mechanisms, ensuring your team feels valued and heard.

  • Incorporate employee recognition features into daily workflows to celebrate achievements and contributions, reinforcing the value of every team member’s efforts.

  • Provide centralized access to important information and resources, enabling frontline workers to stay informed and supported throughout their tasks and projects.

  • Utilize social features, polls, and surveys to give staff a voice, allowing real-time feedback and sentiment analysis to maintain a positive and engaging work environment.

Simplify Workflows

Streamline Operations with a Unified Digital Hub

MangoApps transforms the way non-profits operate by centralizing tools and information in a unified digital workspace. This streamlined, mobile-first hub reduces the complexity of your technology stack, ensuring every team member has access to the resources they need, when they need them, fostering greater efficiency and collaboration across the organization.

  • Offer a single, integrated platform that consolidates all necessary tools and information, eliminating confusion and streamlining operations for your entire team.

  • Empower field workers with the ability to quickly access job-critical information on the go, ensuring they can effectively serve their community with the latest data at their fingertips.

  • Customize content and page visibility to ensure relevancy for each employee, facilitating more efficient communication and reducing the risk of information overload or irrelevant distractions.

I find MangoApps really intuitive because it’s got a bit of a social media feel to it... It’s easy to get used to it, even if you’ve never used a platform like that before. Our old intranet was quite difficult and not very user-friendly, so this has been a real shift for us.

Leanne Manchester

Senior Communications Officer

Wildlife Trusts


Empowering Non-Profits Through Smart Automation

Non-profits often operate with limited IT resources, making the automation of routine tasks a game-changer for operational efficiency. MangoApps enables even the most non-technical staff to easily create workflows, reducing manual effort and allowing more focus on mission-critical activities. This shift towards digital processes streamlines operations, enhancing productivity across the board.

  • Enable team members of all technical abilities to design and implement automated workflows, significantly reducing manual data entry and process management efforts.

  • Transition from paper-based to digital processes with no-code forms and automated workflows, accelerating business processes and improving data accuracy.

  • Simplify scheduling with integrated online tools for managing hourly employees and streamline access to all digital resources through a single SSO dashboard, enhancing both security and convenience.

Seamless Integration

Bridging Technology Gaps for Non-Profit Solutions

For non-profits navigating a landscape of diverse digital tools, MangoApps offers seamless integration capabilities, ensuring that your organization can leverage its full technological potential without the usual compatibility headaches. This connectivity enhances efficiency, fosters better data management, and supports a more collaborative working environment.

  • Connect MangoApps with your existing CRM, fundraising platforms, and volunteer management systems, creating a cohesive ecosystem that streamlines operations and enhances data flow.

  • Ensure data consistency across platforms with MangoApps' integration capabilities, allowing for real-time access to critical information, which is essential for making informed decisions and maintaining operational transparency.

  • Break down silos between different technology solutions, facilitating effortless collaboration and communication across your team, regardless of the tools or platforms they are using.

Enterprise AI Assistants

Unlock the full potential of AI with MangoApps AI Assistants. Tailor them to fit your company's data and governance needs, and dive into deep insights that boost efficiency across the board.

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Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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