A Secure Digital Work Hub For Financial Institutions 

MangoApps helps organizations in the financial services sector improve communication and collaboration without compromising on security. 

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Comply With Financial Regulations

MangoApps helps financial institutions save time and money by ensuring that work does not happen in silos.

  • Give your bank tellers a single homepage with links to all the tools they need during their shift, alongside forms and company resources.

  • Improve your workflows with traceable, audit-ready business processes that carry projects from inception to completion in a secure environment.

  • A quick exchange of messages within our platform allows your employees to securely communicate PII and financial data in real-time.

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Pinion uses MangoApps to promote accountability

Pinion was able to eliminate their old intranet and an expensive Knowledge Management platform. These two tool eliminations, add up to ~$50,000 in annual savings.


Ensure organizational compliance.

Our robust enterprise-level security features have all the depth you need to ensure compliance with financial regulations and GDPR.

  • Regular system audits and system log backups to ensure readiness for company audits.

  • AWS hosting and its hundreds of security and compliance features, including GDPR compliance.

  • Data-loss prevention (DLP) policies with automated rules and templates for PII and finance patterns

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Transform your operations.

Take control of your bank’s communications and operations and increase overall engagement and efficiency.

  • Establish effective top-down communication by easily creating and distributing posts and newsletter to targeted segments of your workforce.

  • Ensure that you are reaching your ROI with comprehensive insights and analytics to allow you to make informed business decisions.

  • Amplify company culture by reaching people directly with consistent messaging and branding.

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Optimize office management daily

Keep back-office operations productive with audit-ready process management tools that maximize efficiency and ROI.

  • Centralize daily operations in a consolidated platform, ensuring that employees can access the tools they need to do their jobs.

  • Streamline the onboarding process of new team members and ensure that they are set up from day one.

  • Improve the distribution of company information to make sure that branch workers receive communications relevant to them.


Enhance branch employee productivity

Empower your branch workers to quickly resolve any issues that arise with a unified dashboard for all their company tools.

  • Allow managers to clearly communicate and track assignments to ensure branch workers understand expectations and work requirements.

  • Establish secure channels where branch workers can quickly get questions answered and prioritize customer service.

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks with business process management tools that help improve the productivity and efficiency of branch workers.

Financial Institutions of all kinds use MangoApps

Commercial Banks (Banking)

Investment Banks (Wealth management)

Insurance Companies (Insurance)

Brokerage Firms (Advisory)

Planning Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)

CPA Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)

Commercial Banks (Banking)

Investment Banks (Wealth management)

Insurance Companies (Insurance)

Brokerage Firms (Advisory)

Planning Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)

CPA Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)

Key Features for finance

MangoApps balances security with ease of use

Our intuitive platform makes it easy for bank tellers to access information, and ensures compliance, organization, and knowledge capture.

A Unified Experience

All the tools and resources your employees need, nested in a user-friendly dashboard. Get a great user experience without compromising on security.

Top-down Communication

Distribute relevant information to targeted employee groups, with templates, an intuitive campaign creation process, and read receipts.

Centralize Employee Knowledge

Provide a one-stop shop for your banking employees to access company policies, financial regulation documents, and other important resources.

Project Workspaces

Set your teams up for success by establishing a space where they can share financial data requests and collaborate on projects.

Trackers & Workflows

Collect and analyze financial data with forms that populate tracker spreadsheets. Automated workflows ensure that projects are completed.

Safeguard Operations

Prioritize data protection and security needs, so your bank is always audit-ready and operates stress-free.

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