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Case Study

Establishing A Connected Workplace Culture

Learn how Great Western Bank used a modern intranet to embrace a cultural shift within the organization.

Establishing A Connected Workplace Culture

Built To Optimize Your Daily Operations

MangoApps' modern work environment saves your financial institution time and money
by ensuring that work does not happen in silos.
Built To Optimize Your Daily Operations

Build an Informed Workforce

Keep everyone on the same page with a powerful internal communications platform that ensures no member is left behind.

Unify Employee Resources

Give your bank tellers a single homepage with links to all the tools they need during their shift, alongside forms and company resources.

Streamline Collaboration and Efficiency

Improve your workflows with traceable, audit-ready business processes that carry projects from inception to completion in a secure environment.

Ensure GDPR Compliance

Our robust enterprise-level security features have all the depth you need to ensure compliance with financial regulations and GDPR.
Streamline Collaboration and Efficiency
Facilitate Team Communication

Facilitate Team Communication

Quick exchange of messages within our platform allows your employees to securely communicate PII and financial data in real time.

Reduce Set-up Time and Implementation Costs

Our hard-working support team will get your implementation up and running quickly so you see immediate impact.
We’re seeing gains in communication, culture and strategy alignment, and consistent single-messaging. MangoApps helps us do that in a manner that isn’t just blasting out a bunch of broadcast emails. We’re able to get away from this and establish communication that is hasty, consistent, and keeps key messages in front of our people.
- Cheryl Olson, Head of People & Culture, Great Western Bank
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Learn How It Works

We deliver value at every level with a communications platform that feels modern and easy to use
while also meeting your rigorous security requirements.


Take control of your bank’s communications and operations and increase overall engagement and efficiency.


Keep back-office operations productive with audit-ready process management tools that maximize efficiency and ROI.
Branch Workers

Branch Workers

Empower your branch workers to quickly resolve any issues that arise with a unified dashboard for all their company tools.

Key Benefits

MangoApps’ intuitive platform allows your bank tellers to focus on customers instead of
struggling to use outdated technology.

A Unified Experience

All the tools and resources your employees need, nested in a user-friendly dashboard. Get a great user experience without compromising on security.

Top-down Communication

Distribute relevant information to targeted employee groups, with templates, an intuitive campaign creation process, and read receipts.

Centralize Employee Knowledge

Provide a one-stop shop for your banking employees to access company policies, financial regulation documents, and other important resources.

Project Workspaces

Set your teams up for success by establishing a space where they can share financial data requests and collaborate on projects.

Trackers & Workflows

Collect and analyze financial data with forms that populate tracker spreadsheets. Automated workflows ensure that projects are completed.

Safeguard Operations

Prioritize data protection and security needs, so your bank is always audit-ready and operates stress-free.
Your Data Is Safe With Us

Your Data Is Safe With Us.

Our security protocols include:
  • Data-loss prevention (DLP) policies with automated rules and templates for PII and finance patterns
  • Regular system audits and system log backups to ensure readiness for company audits
  • Protection behind own firewall or within own network
  • AWS hosting and its hundreds of security & compliance features, including GDPR compliance
  • Private cloud deployment available
  • Custom IP ranges to limit platform accessibility within an area
  • SSO, MFA, and password complexity settings
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Enhance Your Platform With Built-in Integrations.

Built-in integrations are easy to use and meant to complement your MangoApps platform. Integrate necessary external applications with SSO and authentication to provide easy and efficient access for your employees.
Simply enable them with a switch and check a few boxes to customize. Don’t see something that you need? Go even further with our open APIs and Webhooks.
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Configure Your Essential Integrations
The communication around MangoApps has been extremely strong. It’s such a breath of fresh air compared to the old Flash-based employee management system we were using.
- Cheryl Olson, Head of People & Culture, Great Western Bank
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Break free from legacy systems and move forward faster with MangoApps.

A unified employee experience saves employees time, improves workplace efficiency and agility.

Modern Employee Experience Solution
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Definitive guide to delivering a unified employee experience (ex)

The definitive guide to delivering a unified employee experience

It is more important than ever to deliver an integrated experience whether employees are on the frontline, in the office, remote, or hybrid. Get your essential guide to providing a unified employee experience.