SharePoint Is Out.
Employee Focused Apps Are In.

MangoApps is the best social Intranet and team collaboration platform. By bringing together all the information & tools employees need in one place, it eliminates silos and creates an informed, productive, engaged workplace. MangoApps is designed to be mobile, easy to use, easy to administer & fully modular - making it the perfect employee platform for companies of all sizes.
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2016 - 2017

Ovum Research Ranks MangoApps as the Best for Mid-Market in Latest Employee Engagement, Collaboration and Productivity Report

Modern Social Intranet

Software That Truly Understands Your Company-Wide Communication Needs
A Social Intranet Software That Truly Understands Your Business

Enterprise intranet solutions that would transform how your business communicates to build a more informed and productive workforce.

From corporate communications across locations, departments to employee directories, organization chart, people profiles to company calendar, forms, to a rapid search for your organization's collective intelligence and content - it has everything you want, nothing that you don't.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration Designed For A Digital Workplace
Team Collaboration Designed For The 21st Century

Working with coworkers, customers and partners has never been simpler. Securely communicate and collaborate in teams, share and review documents, track projects and manage tasks on any device. Communicate with clarity and transparency, drive engagement and keep everyone informed in real time and on-the-go.

From simplifying how you manage your projects from start to finish to empowering global teams. MangoApps helps you work smarter and faster than even before.

We Fuel Employee Productivity & Happiness For Leading Mid-Market Companies

Companies around the world are using MangoApps to streamline communication, improve teamwork, and boost productivity.

Carolyn Prendergast
Head of Corporate Communications, Tatts Group
MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group

"We loved all the features MangoApps had. It forced us to think about using our Intranet in new ways, which was exciting"

Jim Maul
CIO, Kelly-moore Paints
MangoApps Customer - Kelly Moore Pains

"MangoApps best matched the multi-faceted capability we were looking for in a tool. Not just an easy way to present information but also an easy way for an employee to find what they were looking for."

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    MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group
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  • MangoApps Customer - Modern Technology Solutions inc
    MangoApps Customer - National Health Service (NHS)
    MangoApps Customer - Chicago Freight Car Leasing (Sasser)
    MangoApps Customer - St. Louis Community Credit Union
    MangoApps Customer - TransLine
    MangoApps Customer - CF Rail Services (Sasser)
  • MangoApps Customer - Marchex
    MangoApps Customer - Internet Identity (IID)
    MangoApps Customer - Duke CE
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    MangoApps Customer - Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG)
    MangoApps Customer - Burnham Holdings
  • MangoApps Customer - Panasonic
    MangoApps Customer - Euro Money
    MangoApps Customer - The Dominican Order
    MangoApps Customer - CCS Fundraising
    MangoApps Customer - BAWAG P.S.K. Bank
    MangoApps Customer - United Way
  • MangoApps Customer - Superdrug
    MangoApps Customer - Perfume Shop
    MangoApps Customer - Amadeus
    MangoApps Customer - American college of Radiology
    MangoApps Customer - Washington state bar association

50+ Out of the Box Integrations to Help You Create a Social Layer Over Existing Enterprise Systems

Expand the possibilities by connecting all your existing apps to MangoApps. MangoApps offers an ecosystem of applications that help teams work better. It comes out of the box with built-in integrations with familiar, best-of-breed business and productivity tools like Email, Okta, ADFS, Box, Salesforce, Office 365, GoogleApps, Zendesk, JIRA, New Relic, Github, GoToMeeting, Join.Me and more.

  • Integration - Box
    Integration - GitHub
    Integration - Zendesk
    Integration - JIRA
    Integration - GoToMeeting
    Integration - Office 365
  • Integration - Salesforce
    Integration - Okta
    Integration - Google Apps
    Google Apps
    Integration - Slack
    Integration - Active Directory
    Active Directory
    Integration - LDAP
  • Integration - One Login
    One Login
    Integration - ADFS
    Integration - Bitium
    Integration - Centrify
    Integration - Ilantus
    Integration - PingIdentity
  • Integration - Custom SSO
    Custom SSO
    Integration - Amazon S3
    Amazon S3
    Integration - SAN
    Integration - Sharepoint
    Integration - OneDrive
    Integration - OneDrive For Business
    OneDrive For Business
  • Integration - Google Drive
    Google Drive
    Integration - Dropbox
    Integration - Windows File Server
    Windows File Server
    Integration - Probox
    Integration - Email
    Integration - Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook
  • Integration - Sugar CRM
    Integration - Siebel
    Integration - Join.Me
    Integration - New Relic
    New Relic
    Integration - Pingdom
    Integration - Airbrake
  • Integration - Beanstalk
    Integration - MailChimp
    Integration - Mandrill
    Integration - Facebook
    Integration - Twitter
    Integration - Weather
  • Integration - RSS
    Integration - External Source Integrator
    External Source Integrator
    Integration - MS Word
    MS Word
    Integration - MS Powerpoint
    MS Powerpoint
    Integration - Excel
    MS Excel
    Integration - Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

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Our customers are not our competitors. We compete for them, not with them. Customer's perception is our reality. Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does.
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