Integrated Operations & Productivity Apps

AI-Enhanced Work Apps for Improved Productivity

Enhance your digital workspace by integrating any of the work apps with our Modern Intranet or Employee App solutions. Streamline the employee experience and elevate productivity.


Make Training & Compliance Easy

MangoApps Learning Management System simplifies training and compliance, allowing for seamless creation, tracking, and management of educational content.

Automated and Efficient Onboarding
Comprehensive Development for Employees
Proactive Monitoring and Reporting
Mobile-First Learning for Frontline Staff
Environment that Fosters Collaborative Learning
Advanced Functionality and Certification in LMS

Employee Onboarding

Streamline Employee Onboarding

Make the first impression count with our streamlined onboarding systems. Integrate new hires effectively to set the stage for long-term engagement.

Automated Onboarding Tasks
Pre-Onboarding Journey
Role-Based Onboarding Templates
Extensive Knowledge Base
Built-in Training

CENTRALIZED Task Management

Unify Frontline and Office Task Management

MangoApps' task management app digitizes your operations, offering streamlined team collaboration and efficient task oversight.

One Platform for Both Frontline and Office Tasks
Central Task Deployment for Frontline Teams
Comprehensive Task Tools for Office Teams
Customizable Workflows with AI-Verified Tasks
Dashboards Tailored to Specific Roles
Simplifying Complex Tasks using Sub-Tasks

Idea Management

Mastering Idea Management and Execution

Turn your brightest ideas into game-changing solutions with our advanced idea management platform. Harness collective intelligence to foster innovation and drive growth.

Idea Submission & Curation
Collaborative Brainstorming Tools
Customizable Evaluation Metrics
Feedback and Iteration Loops
Idea Ranking & Prioritization
Robust Analytics Dashboard

Screen & VIdeo REcording

Fastest Way to Capture Screen, & Record Videos

Your go-to solution for seamless screen capture and sharing. Easily record videos, snap specific screen areas, annotate images, and store in the cloud. Share your content effortlessly with a simple link. All your capturing needs, simplified.

Record a Video of Your Screen
Record a Video Using Your Webcam
Capture a Region, a Window, or the Entire Screen
Open, Annotate, and Share an Existing Image
Store Screenshots and Videos in the Cloud
Share a Link to the Stored Screenshot or Video

MangoApps MEssenger

Instant Messaging for Work from Anywhere

Unlike email or texting, Mangoapps Messenger is an easy, instant way to exchange messages with colleagues, from desktop or mobile.

Fast and Familiar Desktop Messaging Experience
Categorize People and Conversations into Groups
Full-Featured Mobile Apps with Notifications
Find Past Chats and Broadcast to All Employees
Cloud-Based Setup with Easy Onboarding
HIPAA-Compliant and Enterprise-Ready

No-Code Workflow App

Build Custom Workflow Apps

No-Code Workplace Apps allow businesses to quickly create custom digital solutions, streamlining operations without the need for traditional coding.

Create and Customize Apps Effortlessly
Build a Robust App Framework
Integrate and Adapt Seamlessly
Streamline Your Workflows Efficiently
Harness Unified Data Analytics
Share Apps Across Your Organization

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