Domain Management

Admins have the power to make global changes and parameters to their MangoApps network. These changes include dashboard details, email settings, designating sharing settings and permissions, establishing a default time zone, and more.

Manage Users With Ease

Admins have the ability to manage and interact with specific users. These changes and setting include resetting passwords, establishing org charts, changing email addresses, and even synching with Active Directory/LDAP to add and remove users.

Module Management

Admins can enable or disable different functions and features within MangoApps. These features include groups, departments, forms, files and more. When a module is disabled it is no longer accessible to users but any existing data is still kept intact. As an organizations needs grow or shift, available modules can later be turned on at any time.

Company Branding

Admins can personalize their MangoApps experience to reflect their unique brand image and company culture. Admins can add their company logo, customize the favicon or browser tab names, and even incorporate advanced branding features all from inside the admin portal.

Safety and Security

MangoApps offers admins complete control over their safety settings and features. Admins can establish specific access ability for every user and can easily monitor alerts and security logs, staying informed and up-to-date about anything out of the ordinary.

Reports and Analysis

The Admin Portal also provides access to detailed user engagement reports, content views, monthly ROI and other helpful information processed by our analytics engine. We make it easy for admins to understand every aspect of the employee experience.

Group Membership Management

Admins choose from 2 choices for managing sync groups. Group membership in MangoApps can be set to match the same membership in the AD/LDAP group, or to add new members from the AD/LDAP group into MangoApps without removing existing members. Group membership can also be fetched from a URL, retaining users that were added in the MangoApps UI.

Explore The Admin Portal With Sitemap Search

The sitemap gives admins an all encompassing view of all pages and sub-pages in the admin portal. With the search feature, admins can quickly and easily find the feature or page within the portal they are looking to explore or update.

Access User Search Reports

Search reports are available to domain and team admins, providing the details for every search that users have performed in the domain. This report is especially useful to identify useful frequent searched to create a saved search item for all domain users.

Automated User Feedback Collection

Gauge the success of your company platform and automate the collection of quantitative and qualitative feedback from all of your users. Feedback dialogs can be presented to users on the web portal or as a private message once every 3/6/12 months. Domain admins can edit the collection dates, disable feedback collection, and view/download response reporting from the admin portal.

Additional Administration Portal Features

Intuitive Onboarding
MangoApps helps admins establish helpful getting started dialog, default navigation and customized help menus to create a stress-free and informative onboarding experience.
Export Information
Export data and other designated company information with just a click or can schedule automatic and regularly occurring exports with ease.
Regulate Content
Admins control how long data will be retained in a domain and can maintain and update term of service, user policies, and other important content parameters right from the admin portal.
Easy Integrations
The MangoApps admin portal makes it easy to set up single sign-on, integrate SSO technology, incorporate online meeting tools and utilize the existing platforms and programs.
Multiple Roles
With over 100 permissions, create custom admin roles that fit your company’s needs, allowing users to administrate specific modules and features.
Device Management
Devices can be retired in bulk, wiping MangoApps data and removing the devices from the user devices list. Users can also be deleted in bulk.
Bulk User Actions
Multiple users can be deleted and deactivated in bulk, and domain admins are able to get a list of all chats in the domain, including private chats.
Content Moderation
Policies and moderators can be designated for community submissions, allowing you to stay ahead of potential content violations.
Data Loss Prevention
DLP tools let admins and compliance teams keep track of PII and Finance-related violations and take actions on them.

How Our Customers Use Administration Portal

  1. 1
    Streamline and simplify employee training and onboarding
  2. 2
    Keep up to date with employee information and analytics
  3. 3
    Protect sensitive information and control user permissions
  4. 4
    Manage and maintain their network effectively and hassle free

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