Bridge The Gap Between Clinical And Corporate Teams

Too many healthcare teams suffer from poor communication. With MangoApps, everything an employee needs is at their fingertips, whether they work at a desk or the bedside.

Trusted By LEading HEalthcare Organizations


Empower your clinical staff

Equip frontline healthcare teams with the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively and focus on what matters most—patient care.

  • Use surveys to assess clinician sentiment and allow your teams to take action to prevent burnout.

  • Leverage AI to surface the highest-priority educational content for each clinician, on mobile so both courses and reference material are available from the bedside.

  • Enable healthcare workers with access to all the tools they need directly from a mobile app, available via SSO.

TeamHealth uses MangoApps to reach over 20,000 physicians

With MangoApps, TeamHealth has replaced two expensive file-sharing tools, SharePoint, a company chat solution, email licenses for the bulk of its employees, and a custom-built LMS


Improve retention of clinical staff

Reduce clinician burnout with employee listening and recognition features built into the systems they use daily.

  • Reinforce your culture with community-driven rewards and recognition, including social participation and the ability to tie in rewards like gift cards or branded swag

  • Boost community engagement and empower clinical staff with social features that facilitate connection and learning across functions, shifts, and locations.

  • Gauge employee sentiment and stay ahead of burnout with employee polls and surveys supercharged by templates, workflows, and deep analytics.


Equip clinicians with a unified digital work hub

Reduce confusion and complexity in your tech stack with a mobile-first interface containing all the tools your clinical staff needs.

  • Enable clinical workers to quickly access job-critical information on the go, in real-time, as they serve their patients.

  • Put all your compliance information and policies at clinical staff’s fingertips, reducing confusion, misinformation, questions, and wasted time.

  • Deliver tailored content and pages, so each employee only sees what is relevant to them, reducing clutter and improving communication metrics.


Great employee experience improves patient care

Give your clinicians more time with their patients by simplifying administrative processes and making it easier to find things.

  • Eliminate paper and speed up your business processes with digital forms and automated workflows.

  • Simplify your scheduling process with integrated online schedules for hourly employees.

  • Set clinicians up for success with a personalized mobile dashboard, including communication, training, alerts, and one-click SSO access to relevant systems


Align clinical staff with better communication

Create a single newsfeed for everything, so clinicians get a prioritized, clutter-free list of key communications, alerts, and notifications. One system to check means improved engagement on everything you send.

  • Our AI-driven personalization engine and deep segmentation capabilities give you all the tools you need to create a clutter-free employee experience for every clinician

  • When you need to urgently reach a specific segment, deploy emergency alerts via email, SMS, push notifications, and popups, and track consumption in real-time.

  • Powerful analytics and smart recommendations show you exactly who is consuming what information so you can measure success and improve over time

One platform limitless solutions


Measure and demonstrate compliance

Put your best foot forward with credentialing organizations and licensing boards with a robust training toolset for education teams and clinicians alike.

  • Automation, alerts, auditable paths, and transcripts improve and scale your training programs, easing the administrative burden on education teams

  • Ensure clinical staff compliance with mobile access to policy information and training resources, making education easier and more effective.

  • Everything in MangoApps is audit-ready, making it easy to stay on top of reporting, tracking, and proving the success of education programs.

The most secure employee app


The most secure employee app

With HITRUST certification taking us far beyond HIPAA compliance, MangoApps is the most secure platform on the market for healthcare organizations, and can reduce your reliance on a variety of other tools.

  • Working with a single trusted partner reduces the complexity of your security needs and enables quicker rollout of new functions

  • Our deep administration feature set is built for the needs of security-focused enterprises and health systems, and makes it easy to manage the platform on the backend

  • Flexible permissions and audit-ready logs ensure that you can adapt MangoApps to your existing security protocols, and not the other way around

Customer Stories

How Our Healthcare Customers Use MangoApps

Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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Customer Case Studies

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Strong Performer, Intranet Platforms - 2024
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