Employee SuperApp FOR HEALTHCARE

Give a simple, unified employee experience to 100% of your staff

MangoApps helps healthcare organizations equip staff with a digital work hub that unifies communication, collaboration, training and resources in one place.

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Empower your frontline healthcare workers

Equip clinical staff with the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively and focus on what matters most—patient care.

  • Leverage surveys to assess clinician sentiment and allow your teams to take action to prevent burnout.

  • Create a tailored employee experience that allows clinicians to learn and access educational resources while on the floor.

  • Enable healthcare workers with access to all of the tools they need directly from a mobile app, available via SSO.

Customer Example

TeamHealth uses MangoApps to
reach over 20,000 physicians

With MangoApps, TeamHealth has replaced two expensive file-sharing tools, SharePoint, a company chat solution, email licenses for the bulk of its employees, and a custom-built LMS

healthcare mobile overview with office location


Improve retention for clinical staff.

Reduce clinician burnout with employee recognition features built into the systems they use daily.

  • Create a central space for clinicians to access important information and resources while dealing with patients.

  • Give frontline clinical staff a voice and boost engagement with social features that help build a positive work environment.

  • Conduct polls and surveys at a moment’s notice to gauge employee sentiment and prevent burnout.

healthcare mobile dashboard


Equip clinicians with a unified digital work hub.

Reduce confusion and complexity in your tech stack with a mobile-first interface containing all the tools your clinical staff needs.

  • Enable clinical workers to quickly access job-critical information on the go, in real-time, as they serve their patients.

  • Put all your compliance information and policies at clinical staff’s fingertips.

  • Deliver tailored content and pages, so each employee only sees what is relevant to them.

Mobile learning management system for healthcare


Great employee experience means better patient care.

Give your clinicians more time with their patients by reducing time spent on administrative processes.

  • Eliminate paper and speed up your business processes with digital forms and automated workflows.

  • Simplify your scheduling process with integrated online schedules for hourly employees.

  • One login for mobile, with SSO integrations to all the systems your clinicians need.


Align your clinical staff

Keep frontline healthcare workers aligned and speed up the flow of information with targeted internal communication campaigns.

  • Cut through the noise with targeted communications that employees receive messages that are relevant to them, at the right time.

  • Deploy quick emergency alerts to affected frontline healthcare employees via email, SMS, and push notifications.

  • Gain clear insight into what your clinicians are reading and what messages aren’t cutting through the clutter.


Ensure your organization remains compliant.

Ensure organizational compliance with a mobile-first LMS that ensures employees are up-to-date on their required certifications.

  • Reduce reliance on HIPAA “compliant” tech vendors by replacing all of them with a single, extremely secure partner.

  • Keep clinicians up to date on changing regulations with easy mobile access to policy information and training resources.

  • Stay on top of compliance requirements with auditable paths, individual transcripts, and automated alerts when it’s time for renewal.

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