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Built to Enhance Your Workplace

Replace outdated operations with MangoApps’ high-adoption, low-cost solution that enables efficiency
and productivity at all levels, from corporate to individual retail locations.
Built to Enhance Your Workplace

Reach Employee Segments Directly

Distribute relevant information to targeted employee groups with easy templates, intuitive campaign creation, and read receipts.

Get Real-Time Store Visibility

Provide real-time data and analytics for store performances that inform important business decision-making.

Distribute Company Resources

Allow all employees to find important resources such as forms and handbooks in a centralized information hub.

Keep Associates Informed

Facilitate associate training and communicate tasks and expectations that keep your frontline engaged and build their overall value.
Easy Access To Company Information
Reduce Repetitive Processes for Store Management

Automate Store Policies

Empower associates to communicate and coordinate shift changes and covers with each other to relieve stress on managers and reduce costs of missed shifts.

Foster a Rich Community

Engage your associates, managers, and other employees on a single company-branded hub that aligns values and culture.
MangoApps gives me a perfect and instant sense of what’s happening in our business, what the emotions or the trending topics are. It’s the perfect way of getting to know what’s going on within our stores.
- Jan Carel Uylenberg, HR Director, A.S. Watson Benelux
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Learn How It Works

We deliver value at every level, making sure that everyone has an easier time connecting
with each other and a better sense of the big picture.


Create an immersive experience by establishing a community where your associates feel valued, improving engagement and productivity.


Improve store performance by allowing store managers to focus on high-level execution instead of repetitive processes.

Business Leaders

Reinforce company culture and get deep insights into operations and performance from your locations in real-time.

Key Features

Build a platform that grows with your business. See these intuitive MangoApps features that
improve your retail operations across all levels and adapt to your future.

Top-down Communication

Company updates, emergency alerts, and newsletters can be easily created with templates and deployed to audience segments by role or retail location.

Resource Library

Give employees a space to share their successes across locations and departments, so company knowledge is organized within a consolidated platform.

Versatile Schedule & Calendar Organization

Allow associates to easily view real-time updates to their shift schedules from anywhere

All-in-one Dashboard

Provide everyone access to their job-critical tools and resources, front and center.

Streamlined Onboarding

Set employees up for success from day one by providing new hires with instant access to training and resources.

Customization & White-labelling

Reinforce your brand and culture with custom design and white-labelling. Your employees likely won’t realize it’s a third-party app.

Configure Your Essential Integrations

Built-in integrations are easy to use and meant to complement your MangoApps platform. Integrate necessary external applications with SSOs to provide easy and efficient access for your employees.
Simply enable them with a switch and check a few boxes to customize. Don’t see something that you need? Go even further with our open APIs and Webhooks.
Configure Your Essential Integrations

Our customers achieve amazing results

Rather than just working in an office or working in a store or working on a certain counter, MangoApps opens up this whole new branch of employee engagement. Employees can see all the things that are going on across the business and really get some great ideas on how to do the job well from the very beginning.
- Daniel Bannister, Store Manager
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The benefits are clear.
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What you can expect

  • 1:1 product walk-through with a MangoApps expert
  • Q&A session specific to your organization and situation
  • Learn about various deployment options & best practices
  • Understanding of security, scalability, upgrades & support
  • Personalizing product pricing
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