Everything You Need in One Hub

Our feature-rich, integrated digital work hub puts everything your employees need in the palms of their hands, whether they’re sitting at a computer or working the floor.

Company Communication

Reach Every Employee

Get company news and other messages out to everyone on the channels they prefer. That means better access for frontline teams, and less disruption for desk workers.

  • Push news out to targeted employee segments with interactive posts

  • Organize team-level resources and information with company & department sites

  • Reach everyone quickly in crisis situations with emergency alerts

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Team Communication

Empower Every Employee

Employees who are able to find information and collaborators can build new connections, avoid duplicated work, and accomplish what would otherwise be impossible.

  • Find and message colleagues quickly with the employee directory

  • Groups act as dedicated team communication and collaboration spaces

  • Speed up the flow of information with chat and private messages

Employee Engagement & listening

Make Every Employee Feel Heard

Keep your team happy and engaged by giving everyone a voice and creating a space to recognize when someone goes the extra mile.

  • Give shout-outs to your star performers with employee recognition

  • Surveys & polls create a space for management to gather actionable feedback from all employees

  • Encourage participation and friendly competition with gamification levels and badges

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SITES & Knowledge Management

Centralize Your Company Content

Save time and promote efficiency across your whole organization with flexible, searchable repositories of content and knowledge.

  • Collaborate in real time with document management, sharing, and versioning

  • Create an organized, up-to-date repository of knowledge with libraries and wikis

  • Give each employee private access to personal documents with the employee vault


Collaborate on projects

Promote transparency and efficiency by bringing collaboration into team workspaces, so projects get across the finish line quickly and nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Create searchable team workspaces with projects and groups

  • Stay on the same page using team updates, with comments and reactions

  • Distribute and oversee action items with task management

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TRAINING & Compliance

Connect Every Employee To Learning

Bring out the best in your team with learning resources that are always available, so both growth and reference materials are at their fingertips.

  • Create and deploy training materials with our intuitive LMS

  • Track participation and manage recertification with audit-ready certificates and transcripts

  • Create courses for your partners and customers with public access

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Automated Workflows

Digitize All Repetitive Workflows

Take simple, time-consuming tasks off of your team’s plate, so they can focus on more impactful work.

  • Collect information and track activity with interactive forms and tracker spreadsheets

  • Automate approvals, inform colleagues, and more with no-code workflow templates

  • Build your own custom workflows for other tasks and data management

provide unified employee experience

Custom Dashboard & Newsfeed

Personalize Employee’s Experience

Versatile entry points ensure that all of your employees will be able to bring MangoApps into their workflow and find information quickly.

  • Let each employee optimize their work hub with a customizable widget-based dashboard

  • Stay on top of your most important tasks and updates in real time with the news feed

  • Find anything you need quickly, with universal search that crawls document content and past conversations


Integrate Your Enterprise Systems

Integrate with all your enterprise systems from a single dashboard so your employee tools are accessible from a single, secure dashboard.

  • Create a secure, uninterrupted experience with a wide variety of SSO integrations

  • Centralize user administration and access control with Active Directory

  • Set up our Office 365 & GSuite Widget Packs for a seamless employee experience


Share & Manage Employee Shifts

MangoApps Schedule Connector shows employees their current schedule, upcoming schedule and coworker schedules keeping everyone up to date.

  • View your own schedule as well as those of your colleagues from any computer or the mobile app

  • Automatic translation to the user’s system-level language

  • See new schedule changes in real time, so you have 24/7 access to the latest information

receive real time updates

Administration/Client Experience

Manage Your Work Hub With Ease

Our administration portal balances deep security and analytics features with a straightforward, company-branded interface, guaranteeing an excellent user experience for clients with little to no technical background.

  • Enterprise-ready security features (built on the AWS cloud) keep your data secure

  • Unified, comprehensive analytics and reporting let you measure and monitor everything

  • Receive an exceptional onboarding experience followed by continued success with our hands-on support team and close-knit customer community


Complete MangoApps Features Guide

MangoApps is a modular, feature-rich platform that is both deep and wide. The platform features are organized in configurable modules to provide best-in-class solutions.

In this PDF, you'll gain insight into the features that MangoApps has to offer, and get a detailed look at how you can use those features.