Problems We are Solving

As organizations become more digital, they need to evolve themselves to move faster, adapt quickly and embrace changing workforce needs. Most workplaces today are non-collaborative, slow moving and have outdated tools.
Non-collaborative Culture
Today companies don't have a central place where employees can go to share, communicate, collaborate, find and learn. Company knowledge is hidden in employee inboxes and on computers. This results in poor coordination and everyone not being on the same page.
Lack of Accountability & Visibility
A lack of accountability and visibility is typically the result of information silos created by outdated, non-transparent tools & processes. These silos make it impossible to know status of things, what is going on where and tap into a company's collective brain.
Slow & Inefficient Workplace
A workplace should be lean and efficient. Instead, companies find themselves being slow to respond and slow to innovate. The old ways of endless meetings lead to wasted time, slow decisions, duplicative work and other inefficiencies.
Outdated & Hard-to-use Tools
The current set of workplace tools are outdated, restrict information distribution, frustrating to use and are rarely mobile friendly. When employees take things in their own hands, situation gets even worse due to issues related to shadow IT, tool sprawl and proliferation of information tools.
To create a fast-moving, collaborative, team-centric culture companies need solutions for their employees - solutions that are designed for success in this digital age. MangoApps, with its modern digital workplace platform, is leading the way!

Our Approach - Holistic Employee Experience

We believe that focusing on employee's experience holistically companies can create a fun & engaged workplace with strong culture that produces superior, long-lasting outcomes for both employee and itself. At MangoApps, we are focused on building the digital hub that provides this holistic employee experience and is central to the day to day operations of the organization.

MangoApps UX

Seamless, Organized Experience

  • One place to find, connect & learn
  • Fully accessible from mobile
  • Company knowledge in one place

High Adoption & Increased Productivity

  • Promotes collaborative, open culture
  • Fast & efficient sharing in real-time
  • Clear tool purpose, little to no training

Inexpensive to Buy, Deploy & Maintain

  • Easy, point-click administration
  • Secure & auditable
  • Easy extensibility & customization
  • Save more money by replacing other licenses

Our Mission - Making Work Smarter, Faster, Better

We believe that when employees enjoy what they do, the tools they do it with, and the environment that they are in, amazing things happen.

We believe that by focusing on an employee's experience holistically companies can create a fun and engaged workplace with strong culture that produces superior, long-lasting outcomes for both employees and itself. At MangoApps, we are focused on building the digital hub that provides this holistic employee experience and is central to the day to day operations of the organization.

We envision this digital hub to be the central location employees go for fast and seamless access to all the tools they need everyday to share, communicate, collaborate, find & learn.

In order to achieve our mission, we follow a simple mantra: co-create MangoApps with customers. Simply put, we partner with our customers, we listen to their workplace needs and frustrations and work harder & faster than anyone else on the planet to make sure solutions to these problems become part of MangoApps in innovative new ways.

This simple approach combined with our commitment to ensuring MangoApps is the perfect digital hub for employees, ensures we stay on track.

History & Leadership

Launched in 2008, MangoApps's mission is to build the best product to connect & inspire employees within a company.

Over the last two decades, needs of workers and workplace has evolved. The current set of communication and collaboration tools (e.g. email, File-shares, etc.) are outdated, restrict information distribution, create silos and are the exact opposite of what is needed to effectively work together in this decade.

From the very beginning, our goal with MangoApps was to bring as profound a change in how we collaborate as email did almost 30 years ago. We wanted MangoApps to be a place where employees could not only talk about work, but do work! Our goal was to make work life easy by providing a single tool employees could use through-out the day for all their communication and collaboration needs.

After years of hard work, investments and product iterations, MangoApps has taken giant step towards this goal. We are fortunate to have had a front row seat to this evolution of the workplace and have been helping companies around the world improve communication and collaboration across teams, departments and geographies. We love doing what we do, and are excited to help businesses realize the benefits of their own social platform.

Anup Kejriwal
Anup Kejriwal
CEO & Founder
Vishwa Malhotra
Vishwa Malhotra
CTO & Co-Founder
Patrick Allman
Patrick Allman
EVP, Sales
Christina - MangoApps
Christina Renee
VP, Finance
Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal
VP, Products
Isha Subhedar
Isha Subhedar
Director, Server Engineering
Kiran Puranik
Kiran Puranik
Director, Client Engineering
Anjali Ghadge
Anjali Ghadge

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