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Figuring out the ROI of a software investment and getting executive buy-in is crucial to any digital transformation initiative. We have helped 
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Hard Cost Savings from MangoApps

Realized by a 100,000+ Employee MangoApps Customer

Cost Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the systems they sunsetted. All dollar amounts are extrapolated per dollar of MangoApps spending.

*The spend represented here accounts for eliminating Mimecast and Microsoft for their frontline staff (half the company), who now use MangoApps instead. Apps without an asterisk were fully sunsetted across the entire team.

Hard ROI & Payback Period

For this customer, MangoApps had a 13-month payback period and a 90% return on investment over a 3-year contract. This Hard ROI only accounts for eliminated tool spend compared against spend on MangoApps.

Productivity Savings

In addition to the above, they saved an estimated 6x their investment in productivity gains. These savings were calculated based on Gartner research into the amount of time employees waste navigating between different systems.

A Deeper Look Into MangoApps Soft ROI

Soft ROI is measured in time savings for employees, based on industry research into how much time employees waste due to outdated tools.

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Our business case template includes more detailed information on how the numbers above were calculated and gives you the tools you need to make your own calculations and present them internally.