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MangoApps Partner Program

Making partnering easy and profitable

Referral Partner
Program: Refer Customer
& Get Commission

For each customer you refer to MangoApps that signs up, you earn a commission.
No revenue commitment. No administration overhead. No customer follow-up required.

How does it work?

MangoApps referral partner program
  • You qualify and introduce prospects to MangoApps
  • MangoApps closes the deal
  • MangoApps bills the customer
  • You get a commission check

Yes, it's that easy!

MangoApps referral partner revenue program

Reseller Partner
Program: You Own
the Customer Relationship

If you prefer a deeper relationship with customers, a reseller relationship may be best. Resellers of MangoApps own the entire customer relationship. You manage the marketing, sales, billing, support, and overall account management. MangoApps provides a turnkey world-class product you can sell immediately, plus all future software upgrades, and technical support for your team.

You choose your Reseller Partner Level, depending on the commitment and discount you prefer. You receive your discount for the life of the customer.

  • MangoApps Silver Partner
    Silver Partner
    This tier is intended for mid-sized resellers who can commit to $50,000 in annual sales.
  • MangoApps Gold Partner
    Gold Partner
    This tier is intended for mid-sized resellers who can commit to $200,000 in annual sales.
  • MangoApps Platinum Partner
    Platinum Partner
    The tier is by invitation only. Platinum Partners commit to a minimum of $500,000 in annual sales. This is ideal for partners focussed on enterprise accounts.

Partner Benefits:

MangoApps Profit Opportunities
Profit Opportunities: Significant discounts, annual recurring revenue, promotions and incentives. They all create optimal profit opportunities for MangoApps Partners.
MangoApps Marketing Benefits
Marketing Benefits: Access to sales presentations, videos, and other resources. Participation in social media, press and media opportunities, and field marketing events to build credibility and thought leadership with customers.
MangoApps Partnership Benefits
Partnership Benefits: Executive exposure, participation in the Partner Advisory Board, opportunity to provide input in joint business planning sessions and product road map briefings.
MangoApps Training and Support Benefits
Training and Support Benefits: Pre-sales support, MangoApps corporate Intranet software training, an online knowledge base and ongoing partner communications ensure you have the information you need to develop your business and accelerate sales.
Profit Opportunities
Sales Enablement Benefits: Maximize sales volume with deal registration, joint sales calls, demo program, sales training & materials and opportunity to resell service and support.
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