Customer Case Studies

How A Modern Intranet Engages A Younger Workforce

[MangoApps] works very intuitively, I’d almost say it’s more or less like you’re using WhatsApp or Facebook…. So people use it just as if they are using any other social application. You don’t need a big manual in order to find your way through.

Jan Caryl Uylenburg

HR Director


A.S. Watson Benelux, a large European retail chain with over 1,700 stores and 27,000 employees, realized that they needed to update their internal communication processes to better connect with their young and on-the-go retail employees.

Social Intranet Project Manager, Jan Kees Fokkens, turned to MangoApps to solve these issues. A.S. Watson Benelux implemented MangoApps instead of other enterprise softwares for its mobile-friendly platform, customizability, and comprehensive toolset that addressed all of its needs.

In this case study, you will learn how A.S. Watson Benelux used MangoApps to:

  1. Engage and empower a young, dynamic workforce
  2. Increase the level of communication & recognition among store clerks, managers, and corporate employees
  3. Establish a culture of interconnectedness among all facets of the organization

And more!

Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped A.S. Watson Benelux transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.

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