intuitive, efficient onboarding tools

Seamless Onboarding for Productive Staff

Welcome your new hires with MangoApps' comprehensive onboarding tools, designed to ensure a smooth, engaging, and efficient integration into your organization.

Welcome with Ease: Pre-Onboarding Journey

Create a memorable first impression with customizable pre-onboarding journeys. Engage new hires with personalized campaigns that introduce your company culture and values. Ensure they feel welcomed and informed, setting the stage for a successful onboarding experience.

    MangoApps has a repository of information that’s available as a resource to our store owners. In addition to that, they’re enrolled in courses that they’re required to complete. With new store owners, it’s crucial that they get up to speed quickly with their training.

    Roberta Raffety

    Content Manager

    Great Harvest Bread Company

    Personalized Dashboards

    Empower new employees with a personalized dashboard that centralizes all essential tools and information. From onboarding tasks and assignments to important resources and contacts, everything they need is just a click away. This tailored experience ensures a smooth and efficient transition, helping new hires feel supported and ready to contribute from day one.

      Effortless Onboarding with Tasks

      Simplify onboarding processes with MangoApps’ automated onboarding tasks. Eliminate repetitive, manual work and ensure every new hire completes necessary steps efficiently. Automatically assign custom paperwork, training courses, and more based on your new hire’s specific team or title. Even create reusable task templates based on onboarding needs for different roles and departments, so you can assign onboarding to-dos without delay.

      Seamless Skill Building

      Accelerate learning and development with MangoApps’ built-in, customizable training. Leverage our learning management system (LMS) to deliver engaging, structured training modules directly to your new hires that are customized based on their roles and needs. Enhance their skills and knowledge effectively, ensuring they are prepared and confident in their new position.

      Collaborative Group Spaces

      Invite new hires into collaborative group spaces where they can learn about the company, ask questions, and receive support. Provide a sense of community while providing a platform for new hires to connect with peers and mentors. With dedicated group spaces, new employees will integrate quickly and confidently into your organization.

      Extensive Knowledge Bases

      Equip your team with comprehensive knowledge bases, featuring wikis and libraries filled with vital information. Ensure new employees have easy access to essential knowledge, fostering self-sufficiency and quick acclimatization. Keep everyone informed and empowered with valuable resources at their fingertips.

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