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Instant Messaging
for Convenient Collaboration

Reach and engage every member of your organization with MangoApps Chat, a convenient, user-friendly tool that connects employees across teams, locations, and time zones.

Intuitive Interface for Effortless Engagement

MangoApps Chat offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface with familiar, social media-style features, making team connectivity effortless. Enjoy seamless communication without a steep learning curve, whether in the office, at home, or on the go. Boost engagement and efficiency with a platform that everyone can navigate with ease.

    At KM2, we love to be very family-oriented. We try and always promote from within and make sure people are successful and continue to grow. MangoApps further promotes that mentality by opening things up and allowing people to easily chat and see each other’s successes. It keeps everybody more connected.

    Mike Merling

    Director of Application Development

    KM2 Solutions

    Seamless Connectivity Across Platforms

    Our mobile Chat app seamlessly integrates with iOS and Android, ensuring employees stay connected wherever they are. Bridge the gap between deskbound information workers and frontline teams with ease. Enhance team collaboration with a versatile app designed to meet every employee's unique communication needs.

      Secure & Private Messaging

      Empower real-time employee connections with the confidence of HIPAA-compliant security and admin-controlled message deletion, ensuring every conversation stays confidential and secure. Maintain peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is protected, and communication flows seamlessly within your team. Experience the perfect blend of instant connectivity and robust privacy controls.

      Personalized Chats and Group Conversations

      Seamlessly initiate ad-hoc chats for one-on-one discussions with individual colleagues or bring entire groups together for team-wide collaboration. Relish the flexibility to connect instantly, whether you need a quick private chat or a dynamic group discussion.

      Prior to MangoApps, we would have to email back and forth and make sure everyone was on the same page and they could reach out to each other. Now, they can just chat if it’s available, or send a message and get that communication going.

      Teresa Rowe

      Sr. Director, Assembly & Standards Technology


      Advanced Features for Elevated Interactions

      Never let your messages go unnoticed. With our advanced features like marking messages as "important" or requiring read receipts, you can ensure that your communication gets the attention it deserves, fostering smoother interactions and timely responses. Plus, add a spark of personality and fun to your conversations with our vast selection of GIFs and emojis.

      Streamlined Sharing for Quick Collaboration

      Elevate your communication experience beyond simple texting. Seamlessly share large files, images, and videos across conversations with our Chat feature's robust media support. Ensure your projects cross the finish line by effortlessly collaborating and exchanging essential documents, improving productivity at every step.

        Gain Insights with Chat History Search

        Effortlessly retrieve valuable historical information and files from your chat history with just a few clicks, empowering employees to quickly reference and share crucial insights whenever needed. Stay ahead of the game with easy access to past conversations, enhancing performances across teams.

        See How It Works

        MangoApps’ Chat tool makes real-time communication across teams and time zones a breeze - encourage and empower employees to connect, and see collaboration rise. Watch our brief video for an overview.

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