Workforce Training Simplified With AI

Our integrated system takes care of your training needs from start to finish. Leveraging advanced AI, MangoApps enables the creation of custom courses, tracks learner progress, and ensures compliance, building a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Your employees are your greatest asset.

Enable them to learn anywhere with a mobile LMS that incorporates AI for dynamic knowledge growth, compliance, and skill acquisition.

  • Provide employees with instant access to learning resources in a way that’s engaging.

  • Improve knowledge sharing with an LMS that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Set new hires up for success by providing the materials they need to get started quickly.

Invest in employee learning 

Empower your workforce with AI-driven tools for learning, acquiring new skills, and staying up-to-date on industry-specific compliance certifications.

  • Leverage interactive quizzes, instructor-led courses, and more in a social-media-styled learning environment.

  • Ensure no knowledge is lost when an employee departs by capturing knowledge and making it available to all employees through Generative AI. 

  • Create a social learning environment where employees can engage in open discussion with colleagues.

A hands-off approach to employee training

Set employees up for success by providing them with the training resources they need to hit the ground running.

  • Ensure your employees receive the resources they need on their first day with automated onboarding.

  • Maintain employee compliance with automated reminders for when it is time to refresh their skills on a topic, plus AI-driven learning recommendations.

  • Provide new hires a space to share information, ask questions, and improve team knowledge.

Keep learning on track

Gain insights into employee learning with AI-powered analytics, and take action to ensure your employees understand the course materials.

  • Leverage extensive reporting and proactive AI recommendations to spot problems and take informed action on employee learning progress.

  • Ensure organizational compliance by requiring employees to re-take courses after a specified period of time.

  • Custom AI analytics offer a clear view of employee progress and improvement areas.

Employee learning for your entire workforce

Invest in your frontline employees’ growth and development with a mobile LMS that empowers them to learn on the go.

  • Enable frontline employees to reference learning materials and training courses at a moment's notice.

  • Empower your frontline workforce with learning courses, compliance training, and more, accessible through a mobile app.

Learner Progress Tracking

Get an overhead view of learner progress, see specifics on each learner, and get AI-driven insights. You always have a clear idea of the current status.

Certification Management

You have full control over certificate design, with dynamic elements and attractive visuals.

Ongoing Compliance

Certificates can expire and require re-certification where necessary for compliance, and users will see notifications and be re-enrolled when applicable.

Personalized Learning Portal

Easy for users to sign up, track progress, and explore their potential with tailored AI recommendations.

Flexible Course Management

Create and deploy training effortlessly with a complete set of AI-driven management tools, including advanced targeting and automation, for a tailored learning experience.

Actionable Analytics

AI-driven reporting offers clarity, allowing for quick identification of issues and informed decisions on learner progress, course metrics, and key business indicators, ensuring a targeted and efficient learning environment.

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