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Ignite Innovation: Transform Ideas
into Reality

Harness the full potential of your team’s creativity with MangoApps' comprehensive Idea Management tools, designed to streamline and enhance the innovation process from start to finish.

Empower Innovation with Crowdsourcing

Reach your team’s full potential with MangoApps' powerful idea crowdsourcing tools. Encourage every employee to contribute their unique insights and innovative solutions, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. By leveraging the diverse perspectives of your entire workforce, you can identify groundbreaking ideas that drive your organization forward and keep you ahead of the competition.

    With MangoApps, we have an indisputable firmwide record of what initiatives we’re engaged in and when they take place. This is helpful not just to hold us accountable in the moment, but also to create an archive that demonstrates long-term how well we are remaining accountable to our mission and vision.

    Debra Helwig

    Senior Internal Communications Manager


    Collaborative Brainstorming Features

    Empower your team to think together with our collaborative brainstorming tools. Facilitate dynamic discussions and idea-generation sessions that bring diverse perspectives to the table, driving breakthrough solutions through collective intelligence.

      Effortless Idea Submission & Curation

      Streamline the flow of innovative ideas with MangoApps' user-friendly submission platform. Encourage employees to share their insights effortlessly, ensuring valuable ideas are captured and curated for maximum impact. Foster a culture of creativity where every suggestion is valued and recognized.

      Customizable Evaluation Metrics

      Ensure the best ideas rise to the top with customizable evaluation metrics. Tailor criteria to align with your company’s goals, allowing for precise and objective assessment of ideas. Streamline decision-making and focus on innovations that promise the greatest impact.

      Efficient Feedback Tools

      Enhance ideas through continuous feedback and iteration loops. Enable real-time comments and suggestions to refine and perfect concepts collaboratively. Create a cycle of improvement that transforms initial ideas into polished, actionable plans.

      Valuable Idea Ranking & Prioritization

      Prioritize the most promising innovations with MangoApps’ idea ranking system. Use voting and leaderboards to highlight top contributors and ideas, ensuring that the best concepts receive the attention they deserve.

      Transparent Progress Tracking

      Allow contributors to follow the journey of their ideas from submission to implementation, providing visibility and recognition throughout the process. Employees feel valued and heard when their ideas come to fruition; create a more invested and innovative workforce by keeping everyone informed and involved.

      Robust Analytics Dashboard

      Gain deep insights into your innovation pipeline with our robust analytics dashboard. Track the progress and impact of ideas from submission to implementation. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your innovation strategy and achieve measurable results.

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