Social Company Intranet Solution

MangoApps gives you easy to use Intranet content creation tools to create & organize rich, powerful pages and posts for all the departments in your company. No limits on departments, pages or posts.
  • Create a centralized source of truth
  • Share company news, announcements & policies
  • Find colleagues in company directory
  • Drive employee connectedness & engagement
  • Connect from anywhere using smartphone apps
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Team & Vendor Collaboration Solution

Team collaboration at work is hard. MangoApps makes it easy, engaging and productive with it's team collaboration solution for your company.
  • Keep teams up-to-date by organizing multiple teams in one place with MangoApps Projects
  • Track projects from start to finish with task management
  • Enable employees to discuss & collaborate across offices
  • Securely share files internally and externally with partners
  • Empower employees to share ideas, ask questions and improve employee engagement
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Enterprise Social Networking Solution

MangoApps ESN is social software for business and combines the simplicity of Twitter with the richness of Facebook so your employees can easily connect, communicate and share.
  • Make collaboration more open and group-aware
  • Discover people, resources, projects and knowledge
  • Connect from anywhere using smartphone apps
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Enterprise Messaging Solution

This is WhatApps for your business with full security, administration tools and integrations.
  • Communicate in real-time with colleagues
  • Group chat securely in teams
  • Send group notifications in real-time
  • Get quick access to colleagues
  • Quickly coordinate with multiple teams
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Full MangoApps Suite

With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps Suite has everything you need to create a connected, informed & happy workplace.
  • Stay informed through official company Intranet
  • Collaborate on projects with co-workers and partners
  • Securely share and store files
  • Create accountability and transparency
  • Capture and manage ideas
  • Connect from anywhere using smartphone apps
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À la carte MangoApps

Get exactly what you need by picking the modules you know you want today, and then add more as and when you need them.
  • Start with just what you need today
  • Enable more modules as need grows
  • Replace outdated tools incrementally
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