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Bridging the gap between deskless & desk workers

deskbound deskless

You no longer must choose between tools for frontline and office workers. MangoApps seamlessly works for everyone in the company, whether on the top floor or the shop floor.

Unified employee platform that makes finding, communicating, training & coordinating effortless

MangoApps is a new way of keeping everyone on the same page and working towards the same goals. Start with a single application or the complete toolbox.

Mango Intranet

The easiest way to create a modern Intranet to inform and engage your workforce.
Mango Connect
A complete set of tools to help you securely connect 100% of your employees.
Mango Training
A modern, easy-to-use, learning solution that can fit any employee training and compliance need.

Mango Work

A flexible, powerful collaboration platform that promotes visibility and efficiency for your busy team.
Mango Suite
A single system that brings employee portal, messaging, and other employee tools together into one company app.
Mango À La Carte
All of our digital workplace applications seamlessly integrate with each other so you can start with what you need.
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