Employee Rewards & Recognition software

Recognition and Rewards for Frontline Industries

Designed for large enterprises in frontline industries, our platform offers the scalability and reliability you need for employee engagement and recognition. Make feeling unappreciated a thing of the past.

Vision-Driven Recognition

Our software celebrates achievements that align with your company's vision. This feature cultivates a thriving corporate culture and inspires enhanced performance across the board.

Tailored Employee Growth

Foster individual skills and behaviors, paving the path for personal development and career progression. Our platform creates an environment primed for future challenges and opportunities.

Recognition Unbound by Time or Space

Enjoy the flexibility of a mobile-friendly platform offering continual engagement and appreciation, fostering a cycle of positivity and excellence, anytime, anywhere.

Inclusive Celebration of Diversity

Our software builds an equitable, inclusive workplace, recognizing and celebrating all employees' efforts, fostering an environment of mutual respect and appreciation.

Unification Through Team Recognition

Promote collaboration and unity with our team recognition tools, highlighting the success of collective achievements and reinforcing the value of teamwork.

Engage with an Integrated Rewards Catalog

Maximize your recognition program's potential with MangoApps' seamlessly integrated rewards catalog. Designed to boost engagement, provide user convenience, and align with your company’s objectives, it’s a critical tool for elevating your employee experience.

Step Into a New Era of Recognition

Experience our Corporate Rewards Program Software's intuitive interface that simplifies the recognition process, making it an effortless, integral part of daily operations.

Data-Driven Recognition Management

Leverage robust analytics and reporting capabilities to track and optimize your recognition strategies, driving performance improvement through informed decisions.

Reflect Your Brand Identity Through Customization

Shape your recognition program to mirror your brand, adding a personal touch and driving deeper connection with your organization.

Built for the Frontline, Scalable for the Enterprise

MangoApps is tailored for frontline challenges and scales easily for large enterprises. With robust security and seamless HR integration, it's your all-in-one solution for employee engagement.

Optimized for Frontline (e.g., No-Email Required)
Verified & Tested for Millions of Users
FedRAMP, HITRUST, SOC 2 & ISO Certified
99.9% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
Web-Based, Point-and-Click Administration

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