Document Management

MangoApps File and Folder Management provides complete cloud-based document organization, sharing, and storage solutions for businesses of any size. We keep content safe, organized, and easy to find.

  • Keep documents and media easily organized with 10GB of storage per user designed for any kind of content
  • Find information from anywhere with deep content searches for files, documents, images, pdfs and more
  • Check-in and check-out files for editing, ensuring updates never overlap and are always up-to-date
  • Integrate with Office 365, making it easy to view, create, and co-edit Office documents in MangoApps
  • Set file permissions and track file downloads, uploads, and comments, with full visibility file reports
  • Ensure file safety with 256-bit encryption at rest, HIPPA compliance, and other surefire security measures
Document Management

Keep Content Secure & Organized

Safely and securely store and organize any kinds of documents, media or files into folders and sub-folders.

  • Attach, share, and view files directly from the mobile app
  • Share files with any desired recipient, both internally and externally
  • Receive up to 10 GB of file storage per user

Search & Find Anything

Users can search deep inside files to find anything they are looking for. Enhance the search tool by associating custom meta-data with documents, making it easy to search and explore.

Document Management

Collaborate With Colleagues

Users can ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ files to ensure that no other contributor is making edits at the same time. The latest version of the file is immediately available to colleagues.

Co-Author & Edit With Office 365 Integration

With MangoApps’ Office 365 integration, employees can work together without downloading files onto their system, allowing them to edit files on the go.

Approve Documents With Ease

Enable users to proofread or edit files. Users simply indicate the document recipients, set individual permissions for the approval process, and add a deadline.

Audit File Usage

Admins and file owners get full visibility reports to their file usage to audit and track when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments or views a document.

Ensure Compliance

Pick from multiple storage options including Amazon S3, SAN, and Box. Admins can specify auto-archival and auto-delete rules in the retention settings to meet IT compliance requirements.

Trusted Security

Keep data secure with file transfer over HTTPS from any device, 256-bit encryption at rest, HIPAA compliance and certification for EU, and more.

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