Employee Surveys

Uncover actionable insights and foster open dialogue with MangoApps' comprehensive survey platform. It's not just about gathering data—it's about creating meaningful conversations and making informed decisions that drive growth. Ready to redefine your feedback process?

Employee Surveys

Effortless Survey Creation

Turn up the dial on employee engagement with our user-friendly survey builder. Craft impactful, multi-page surveys with branching capabilities, all while effortlessly collaborating with your team.

Smart Surveys with Conditional Logic

Leverage our Rule Builder feature for tailored survey experiences. Allow users to set custom rules for questions, pages, and messages. Rule Builder can use if/then logic to show or hide questions, pages, and/or confirmation messages depending on the responses submitted by users.

Employee Surveys

Quick and Consistent Surveys with Templates

Speed up your survey creation process using MangoApps' Survey Template Gallery. Choose from an array of professionally-designed templates, save time, and maintain consistency—leading to enhanced data quality.

Encouraging Open Dialogue

Foster a culture of honesty and transparency with our anonymous survey feature. Encourage your team to voice their genuine thoughts and opinions, nurturing a stronger organization.

Cross-Platform Surveys

Whether your team is working on the web, a mobile app, or desktop, our surveys are accessible anytime, anywhere. Plus, our commitment to secure data handling means you can trust that sensitive data is well-protected.

Speak Your Team's Language

Connect better with your diverse workforce with our multilingual support, and maintain full control over survey permissions, visibility, and types—aligning everything perfectly with your organizational needs.

Targeted Audience and Integration

Integrate surveys seamlessly within MangoApps, using existing HR data for efficient audience segmentation. Leverage our powerful integrations with other HR tools to simplify data analysis and optimize your workflow.

Data-Driven Decisions

Transform data into actionable strategies with our rich, visually-appealing survey reports. Monitor response rates, spot trends, and export data to make informed decisions that elevate your employee engagement

Continuous Improvement with Recurring Surveys

With our recurring survey feature, collect data over time, compare results, and adapt your strategies based on real insights. Keep the lines of communication open, helping your organization grow and improve consistently.

More unique features to love

Boost Response Rate

With mandatory surveys, set deadlines, and send reminders across various channels to ensure high participation.

Strategic Distribution

Our user attribute-based targeting ensures your surveys reach the right people at the right time. Schedule surveys strategically to gather data effectively over time.

Multi-Page Feature

Elevate user experience with our Multi-Page Survey feature. Organize your surveys logically for easy navigation, improved data quality, and higher completion rates.

Automated Reminders

Increase response rates with automated reminders sent to those who haven't completed the survey.

Reach Employees Without Email

With native mobile apps and username-based access, every member of your team can participate, even those without email access.

Transparency and Action

Survey insights are available to creators, administrators, and designated users, empowering your organization to understand and act on the data.

Scalable Solution

Our platform is designed to handle surveys for organizations of all sizes, from small teams to large corporations.

Secure and Compliant‍

Trust in our secure, encrypted platform, fully GDPR-compliant for your data protection needs.

Actual customer use-cases

  1. Employee Satisfaction Surveys: An international consulting firm uses MangoApps surveys to measure employee satisfaction with their work environment, culture, benefits, and management.
  2. Employee Engagement Surveys: A global retail corporation using MangoApps assesses the degree of employee engagement and commitment to their work and the organization.
  3. Exit Surveys: A leading software development company on the MangoApps platform conducts exit surveys when employees leave.
  4. Onboarding Surveys: A multinational financial services firm using MangoApps measures the effectiveness of their onboarding process for new hires.
  5. 360-Degree Feedback Surveys: A large manufacturing company on the MangoApps platform gathers feedback from superiors, peers, and subordinates.
  6. Training and Development Surveys: A global pharmaceutical company using MangoApps assesses the effectiveness of their training and development programs.
  7. Pulse Surveys: A multinational telecommunications company using MangoApps conducts frequent check-in surveys to gauge the mood, engagement, and satisfaction of employees.
  8. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Surveys: A major non-profit organization on the MangoApps platform uses these surveys to assess its DEI efforts.
  9. Employee Health and Wellbeing Surveys: A healthcare corporation using MangoApps uses these surveys to assess the impact on employee health and wellbeing.
  10. Benefits Surveys: An energy sector corporation on the MangoApps platform employs these surveys to assess the effectiveness of their benefits packages.

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