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Powerful Surveys

Build a better workplace with employee and HR surveys. Measure job satisfaction,
evaluate performance, and get crucial feedback from employees.

Easy Targeting and Deployment

Your company already uses MangoApps. Running surveys through our platform avoids
a third-party tool and makes it easy to segment your workforce using HR data.
Easy Targeting and Deployment
Target by team, location, or any other data you have in your directory
Same notification stream and interface as your intranet
Survey responses are secure and private, and never leave the platform

Seamless Survey Drafting

Our survey builder is easy to use, and has customizable templates for most of your typical survey needs.
Seamless Survey Drafting
Variety of question types ensure you can get the data you’re after
Save drafts, preview your survey, and share with colleagues
Schedule surveys in advance, and boost within your intranet portal
What I like about MangoApps is that it's so user-friendly. Everything doesn't have to be built from the ground up—like the templates and WYSIWYG editors that you guys provide. It’s just great for a company like ours.
- Kati Deason, Marketing Manager, Ram Tool
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Anonymous Surveys

Anonymous Surveys

Get honest answers to hard questions by allowing employees to submit their responses anonymously.

Full Administrator Control

Admins have full control over which users have permission to create surveys, survey insights visibility, types of surveys that can be created, and more.
Full Administrator Control
Reward Employee Participation

Reward Employee Participation

Surveys integrate into MangoApps gamification, so users can earn points and badges for participating. It’s easy to see who is engaged and deserves recognition.

Actionable Survey Insights

Make sense of your survey results with strong visuals and analytical functions, so you can turn insights into action.
Actionable Survey Insights
Visual results and graphs make it easy to spot trends
Data can be exported into a spreadsheet for deeper analysis
Real-time response data lets you identify and ping whoever hasn’t responded

Mandatory Surveys

Make surveys mandatory, set an expiration date, and send reminders through email, SMS, and/or push notifications.
Mandatory Surveys
Access From Anywhere

Access From Anywhere

Surveys are available from web, mobile, or desktop within MangoApps, and are shareable via link.

How Our Customers
Use Surveys

Collateral Review
Gather feedback on marketing websites, new products, or features
Boost Engagement
Engage employees with surveys without sending them to third-party sites
Anonymous Feedback
Use anonymous surveys to collect sensitive and constructive feedback
Employee Evaluation
Allow management to evaluate and provide feedback on their employees
Exit Interviews
Conduct exit interviews & collect feedback from employees leaving the organization
Use Templates
Quickly create surveys from templates that cover most business needs