MangoApps Libraries makes accessing important information and company-wide resources simple and straightforward right in MangoApps.

  • Give Employees easy access to any web app in the enterprise, in addition to forms, marketing or sales resources, employee documents, policies, and more.
  • Create unlimited libraries of links and resources while easily managing them by name, description, icons or color-coding, and permission settings. Libraries can have categories for item organization and edited or re-ordered as needed.
  • Establish a centralized and user-friendly location for all external company applications.

A Centralized Repository of Information

With libraries, you can store and organize company resources, for both internal and external use.

  • Compile, organize, manage, and share company resources
  • Quickly find matching library items with MangoApps’ global search
  • For one-click access, add a library to your navigation bar or dashboard

Information You Need, At Your Fingertips

With libraries, users have instant access to web apps, employee forms, marketing & sales resources, employee documents, policies, and more.


Simple Configuration

Admins can create unlimited libraries of links and resources, and manage them with name, description, icon/color, and permission settings.

Advanced Permissions Settings

Maintain complete control over who has access to your libraries. With flexible permissions, you can assign access based on team or location, as well as any other criteria from your directory.

  • Protect private resources and sensitive information
  • Reduce resource pollution by ensuring employees only have access
    to what they need
  • Adjust permissions to libraries as an employee’s responsibilities change

Instant Library Access

Add a library to your MangoApps’ dashboard to bring company resources front and center. For instant one-click access to a library, add it to your navigation bar.

Library Showcase

Use the library grid view to showcase a display of mixed content (such as images, forms, files, posts, wikis, and links).

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