Easy Access to Everything

MangoApps Libraries module allows users to quickly access any web app in their enterprise right away, in addition to employee forms, marketing & sales resources, employee documents, forms and procedure documents, policies, and more. Keep information right at the fingertips of employees and remove the need to remember web addresses or search through a browser bookmark list.

Establish an Employee Library

Employers and administrators can create unlimited libraries of links and resources and manage them with name, description, icon/color, and permission settings. Each library can have categories for item organization and can be edited or re-ordered or deleted as needed.

Multiple Library Item Options

All library items contain a name, description, and image and can be saved as either a secure URL, form, file, post or wiki. Item creation is also uncapped, allowing admins to create as many as they need.

Effortless Organization

Users can re-order their list of bookmarks or search for a specific one, keeping content organized and easy to navigate, regardless of size.

One Click Library Access

Content and important apps are only one click away, making information frustration free and available at all times.

Library Dashboard Widget

A library widget can be added to the dashboard to bring the company resources to the fingertips of employees. The widget can show a list of libraries, categories within a specific library, items within a category or library. This widget is available on web and mobile, and can also live on the company or team page.

Search and Find Important Items

A built-in search allows users to search within the libraries module to find any matching library items. MangoApps’ global search enables lookahead searching of matching library items, ensuring that employees find what they need from any page.

How Our Customers Use Libraries

  1. 1
    Designate and standardize web app links, and resources available to employees
  2. 2
    Create a centralized and user-friendly location for external company apps and internal resources
  3. 3
    Utilize information quickly with search-ability, list order, and one-click access

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