Knowledge Bases (Wikis)

MangoApps Wikis are built for storing, recording, and updating team information. Wikis help teams manage ongoing or flexible information, ensuring everyone stays informed and details are always up-to-date.

  • Store content that is often edited or regularly changing in a centralized, easy to access space
  • Collaborate together and create comprehensive content with multiple wiki authors and contributors
  • Set wikis as public or private, designating which employees are able to view or edit the information
  • Easily transfer wikis from one team to another as groups reorganize or project priorities change
  • Add a table of contents and link to different subpages, keeping wikis organized and easy to navigate
  • Export wikis as PDF files, helping users print information or share details with relevant outside sources
Knowledge Bases (Wikis)

Standardize Documentation With Wikis

A good wiki serves as a knowledge base that teams can reference and continually update, creating a living document that centralizes information and files.

  • Start wikis from a variety of templates for different teams and use cases
  • Draft a wiki and send for approval/input and track changes with versioning
  • When a wiki is posted or updated, it can be shared for reactions and comments

Enable Project Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues by creating comprehensive content with multiple contributors. Select a team, project, group, or department to share a wiki with.

  • Create, share, and discuss documents, project updates, ideas, and more
  • Store content that is regularly changing in a centralized, easy-to-access space
  • Quickly create a wiki with a WYSIWYG content editor
Knowledge Bases (Wikis)

Knowledge Capture

Capture knowledge and important information by immediately storing it in a wiki for the whole project team to view from any device.

Controlled Access

Wikis are made public or private, allowing anyone with access to contribute or view its contents.

Pinned Wikis

Pin frequently-used wikis for immediate access, saving time and keeping valuable information at your employees’ fingertips.

Wiki Updates

Every edit to a wiki is saved as a new version, allowing users to quickly identify what’s new. Wikis can be reverted to a previous state (by a user with permission) if a mistake was made.

Collaborate From Anywhere

Users can create, share, and discuss documents, ideas, meeting notes, and project updates on wikis right from their mobile app.

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