A common pain point for organizations of any size is the struggle to implement a strong internal communications strategy. More often than not, internal comms leads are only given one-way communication tools, such as email or blogs, denying employees an effective way to engage with company content and leaving communication teams unaware of their messaging's potency. Without a two-way communications channel, internal comms teams are left sending email after email into the void in a never-ending cycle of the following headaches:

Frontline staff are unreachable

Retail, manufacturing, and healthcare frontline workers are rarely provided company email addresses, meaning the only way to communicate with them is through phone calls, physical mail, or on-site printouts and signage. And on the rare occasion frontline employees are given email, they get little value from it, as it simply doesn’t fit with their needs, resulting in wasted time and money.

Engagement analytics are non-existent

After a communication has been sent, there’s no way to gain insights on who, if anyone, consumed the content. Messages essentially go into a black box with zero visibility into how effective it was, leaving communications teams flying blind.

Segmented messaging is impossible

Communications teams have to make one of two choices. Either spend your valuable time manually keeping static mailing lists up to date for better message personalization or press the dreaded “send all” button. It’s either a load of work that is impossible to manage or a blast approach that isn’t likely to resonate with anyone in particular.

Getting ahead is unachievable

Email doesn’t offer many of the quality-of-life features that users expect from modern business applications, such as the ability to schedule messages in advance or to save templates; this means time-sensitive internal communications have to be manually drafted, designed, and sent out individually in the moment.

In today’s digital workplace, these problems are simply unacceptable. The MangoApps platform addresses these communication challenges with a robust set of Post capabilities. Posts enable dynamic content creation with templates, a block-based editor, and multimedia integration, coupled with sentiment analysis and insights for consistent messaging. Targeted communication is achieved through team-specific posts, urgent tags, and time-sensitive alerts, while fostering social participation. Accessibility is ensured with features like a simple news feed, universal accessibility options, and widget customization, while automated scheduling and management of content further streamline operations.

With MangoApps’ Post features, creating and sharing story-driven, visually-appealing content is easy. Our customers use Posts for top-down communications that relay important updates, announcements, and alerts across locations, regions, and departments. Posts will reach and engage every member of your team - from front-line employees to desk-bound staff - while providing valuable performance analytics, so you can see the outcome of your efforts.

State-of-the-Art Functionalities

With a robust set of features, Posts can be created, scheduled, viewed, or listened to from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, allowing staff to share updates and stay informed from any location.

  • Templates: Conveniently create consistent, beautiful content time and time again with reusable, branded templates.
  • Block-Based Editor: Design & customize your Posts with an intuitive, easy-to-use editor. 
  • Multimedia: Access your domain’s Media Gallery, Photo Library, and [your] Recordings to conveniently add engaging elements to your Posts. 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Ensure your content looks great across platforms and that your voice stays consistent throughout every Post you publish. 
  • Centralized Management: Draft, send for review, schedule, publish, or archive your Posts all from one location - no outside newsletter system required. 
  • Insights: Use social engagement insights to steer the content and tone of future Posts to improve impact. 
  • Automation: Give your Posts a cadence to efficiently update your team on weekly news and events.
  • User-Centric: Send Posts to teams, departments, and user segments to ensure relevant users are seeing your content. User segments contain specific members of your organization, allowing you to target your communications more precisely.
  • Urgent Communication: Tag Posts as “must-read” or “acknowledgment required” to make sure employees read crucial content. These Posts even track which users have seen the content in real-time, giving admins current, accurate insights. Or, use the Boost feature to reach users who have yet to see certain Posts. 
  • Social Participation: Users can interact with Posts by “liking,” sharing GIFs, and commenting - without causing a reply-all nightmare. Plus, spark engagement and create brand ambassadors by allowing Posts to be shared via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Time-Sensitive Alerts: Create an Alert post to inform Users of potential dangers, power outages, and more. Alerts can be sent through all supported channels - such as SMS text, mobile push notifications, and email -  and will prompt the end user for acknowledgment.
  • Fresh and Relevant Content: Rid of old Posts when no longer relevant with auto-governance features - review or archive Posts after your preferred time frame to ensure your content doesn’t become stale or outdated.
  • Simple News Feed: New Posts show in users’ News Feeds upon publishing, ensuring important information doesn’t get overlooked. 
  • Universal Accessibility: Guarantee every member of your team can consume Posts with
    text-to-speech, instant language translation, and video captioning.
  • Widget Customization: Post widgets create visually-appealing homes for all types of Posts on your Dashboard or Company pages, creating easily-accessed repositories of content.

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Benefits of using Posts

Create compelling, company-branded content effortlessly with MangoApps' Post feature. Use Posts to share diverse information, from upcoming events to project milestones, and more. Explore the many benefits our customers enjoy by using Posts.

One platform limitless solutions
Easy Knowledge Sharing

Posts turn into valuable, easily searchable reference sources, creating an archive of knowledge for current and future employees.

Community Engagement

Filtering Posts by category and importance ensures domains stay organized and free of clutter.

Organized Content

Spotlighting employees, sales wins, and company success stories with Posts fosters engagement and creates a community of recognition.

Improved Company Culture

Creating Posts about job openings, contests, company events, and more fosters company culture throughout your organization.

Efficient Content Production

Designing and sending internal newsletters from one single platform accelerates content publications.

See how it works

Easily create and share captivating, story-driven content with MangoApps' Post feature. Use Posts for conveying crucial updates, announcements, and alerts across your organization. Watch our brief video for an overview.

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