Automated Workflows

Eliminate wasted time on repetitive tasks and increase your operational efficiency with MangoApps Workflows. Our visual editor empowers employees to create custom automations without any coding involved. Built natively into MangoApps’ Trackers, use our workflow tools to easily facilitate data management while automating cumbersome business processes.

Automate Common Tasks with Pre-Shipped Templates

MangoApps offers various out-of-the-box templates that are tailored for common use cases. Empower users to quickly set up automations to streamline data-relevant tasks, simplifying employee workflow creation processes without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

    Streamlined Approval Workflows

    Streamline decision-making processes with approval workflows, customized to suit operational needs like PTO requests, equipment procurement, and more. Automatically seek approvals from one or multiple levels of approvers to simplify decision-making processes, and record decisions directly through Trackers to eliminate communications gaps.

      Enhanced Communication with Inform Workflows

      Facilitate seamless communication with Inform workflows, ensuring colleagues are promptly notified of Tracker updates. Customize notifications and provide clear, concise messages, promoting clarity in complex processes. Inform workflows optimize information dissemination, saving valuable time for all involved parties and fostering efficient collaboration within the workflow.

      The ability to reduce the amount of clutter and emails has been big for us. MangoApps Workflow Apps are really helpful because people can fill out a form and then hear from the person who needs to fulfill their request. It cuts down on a lot of ‘Who do I call for this or that?’

      Rebecca Stone

      Internal Communications Coordinator

      Ram Tool

      Timely Actions with Schedule Workflows

      Ensure timely actions with Schedule workflows, providing a framework for scheduling actions based on selected trigger times. Empower users to automate tasks at specified times, driving efficiency and ensuring that actions are executed precisely when needed.

      Automated Cross-Tracker Operations

      Effortlessly manage information across multiple trackers with Cross-Tracker workflows. Automate tasks such as moving, locking, or copying data to eliminate manual interventions. Enhance efficiency by automating cross-tracker operations, ensuring seamless data management within the MangoApps platform.

        Custom Workflows for Tailored Automation

        Empower users to build automated operations from the ground up with Custom Workflows, enabling customization of how company data influences decision-making and information dissemination. Users can create workflows performing row actions like move, copy, lock, or archive, providing a flexible and personalized approach to automation tailored to their unique needs.

        Workflow Oversight with Detailed Logs

        Gain comprehensive insight into workflow execution and changes through workflow logs, facilitating easy tracking of information, diagnosing issues, and effectively managing the flow of data. Enhance transparency and streamline information management with a clear record of workflow activities ranging from execution date/time, changes made to workflow rules, and more.

          Notifications and Reminders

          Stay on top of workflow activities with notifications and reminders. Alert relevant parties when action is required within a workflow and deploy reminders for timely responses to notifications, fostering a proactive approach to address tasks promptly. Enhance communication and accountability within the workflow, promoting efficiency in task management.

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