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Enhance Your Search Experience with MangoApps

MangoApps Advanced Search is your ultimate tool for navigating and retrieving information quickly and accurately, ensuring that you always have the data you need at your fingertips.

Index Content in Real-Time

Our platform ensures that search results are always up-to-date with real-time content indexing. As soon as information is added or updated, it becomes immediately searchable, keeping everyone in the loop at all times.

Search From Anywhere

Stay connected and informed no matter where employees are. Our advanced search is fully optimized for mobile devices, providing every employee with unfettered access to crucial information on the go.

Tailored Relevance for Every User

MangoApps Advanced Search goes beyond generic results. Our algorithm takes into account location, language, and user roles or permissions to provide a personalized and relevant search experience for every individual.

MangoApps’ search capability has been critical. It brings back so much information that would have been lost on our old intranet. The content is fresh and current. It’s been really, really nice to have.

Cheryl Olson

Head of People & Culture

Great Western Bank

Federated Search Across Services

Enjoy a cohesive search experience with MangoApps’ federated search support, integrating seamlessly with various platforms and tools to ensure that all company information is just a search away.

Search in Any Language

Embrace global accessibility with MangoApps Advanced Search. Our platform supports multiple languages, ensuring that language barriers never stand in the way of anyone's information retrieval needs.

Customize & Personalize

Users can tailor their search experience to meet their unique needs. Save frequent searches, customize filters, and adjust settings to create a seamless and intuitive search journey.

Fast & Scalable

As your organization grows, so do your search needs. MangoApps Advanced Search is designed to scale effortlessly, maintaining consistent performance regardless of data volume or user count.

Leverage Lexical and Semantic Search

MangoApps' Advanced Search feature combines lexical precision and semantic understanding, ensuring you effortlessly find the exact content you need. This blend of search capabilities enhances efficiency and accuracy, providing a superior search experience.

MangoApps’ search feature is really good, and the file versioning helps us easily replace files and edit them without having to create a whole new document.

Mark Jones

Director of Litigation and Special Investigations Unit

Shelter Insurance

Intelligent Search Assistance

With autocomplete suggestions and spelling corrections, MangoApps ensures that the path to the right results is always smooth and straightforward.

Advanced Filters for Precision

Refine your search results with advanced filters, helping to quickly and easily narrow down the information being displayed.

Comprehensive Search Analytics

Gain invaluable insights into search patterns. Understand popular search terms, identify content gaps, and optimize content strategy with our comprehensive search analytics.

Before MangoApps, we were hammering people with emails all day long, and it could be hard to find things in their inboxes. We weren’t storing anything—there was no shared space. That’s been the greatest benefit, having a shared space for the company. Otherwise, knowledge just gets lost.

Melissa Hoyos

Director of Internal Communications


Permission Based Search

Trust in MangoApps to keep your data private and secure. Our advanced search is permission based ensuring that users only get results to information they have access to.

Deep Dive into Documents and Multimedia

Unearth hidden information within documents and multimedia files. From PDFs and Word documents to images and videos, our search capabilities leave no stone unturned.

Search in Natural Language (NLP)

Powered by cutting-edge NLP technology, MangoApps Advanced Search understands the context and nuance of any query, delivering results that are not just relevant, but also incredibly precise.

Benefits of MangoApps Search

MangoApps’ Search provides an advanced search engine that caters to your company's needs. With a wide range of filters, weighted content capabilities, and convenient access, providing and finding relevant information throughout your domain is a breeze. MangoApps Federated Search also allows you to seamlessly find information in Teams, SharePoint, and even Google Drive. This allows employees to find information quickly, no matter where it is stored. Here are some ways our customers benefit from using Search:  

Time Savings
Quickly find information and apply specific filters to narrow down results.

Increased Efficiency
Find everything you need via one powerful search bar, eliminating the need for numerous tools.

Retain Institutional Knowledge
Give new employees access to searchable, historical information collected before their tenure.

Shareable Information
Saved searches create easily accessible knowledge archives users can return to and share.

See How it Works

Tired of endless, irrelevant search results? Book a MangoApps demo! Discover how to streamline information access, empower your workforce, and boost productivity with our centralized platform.

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