Enhance Your Search Experience with MangoApps

MangoApps Advanced Search is your ultimate tool for navigating and retrieving information quickly and accurately, ensuring that you always have the data you need at your fingertips.

Responsive Search for Quick Results

Experience unparalleled search accuracy with our Look Ahead feature, designed to deliver quick and precise results. Whether you're searching for specific documents or general information, our responsive search functionality ensures that as you type, exact matches are instantly highlighted in the dropdown, boosting efficiency with instant search precision.

    MangoApps’ search capability has been critical. It brings back so much information that would have been lost on our old intranet. The content is fresh and current. It’s been really, really nice to have.

    Cheryl Olson

    Head of People & Culture

    Great Western Bank

    Enhance Accuracy with Relevance Tuning

    Tailor your Search algorithm to prioritize crucial content for your company, ensuring the delivery of the most relevant results right from the start. Search algorithm customization allows you to fine-tune your Searches, placing the utmost importance on the types of content that matter most to employees. Elevate your organization’s efficiency by effortlessly accessing the information that is vital for your success, with prioritized and relevant results at your fingertips.

    Powerful Federated Search

    MangoApps’ Search seamlessly integrates files from platforms like SharePoint, Teams, and Google Drive, providing your employees with a unified source of truth. Ensure that crucial files and resources are readily accessible, offering even users without licenses to these apps the ability to retrieve important information. Optimize your information retrieval process with our powerful Federated Search feature.

      Consistency with Mobile Accessibility

      Create a uniform Search experience with results that remain consistent whether you're on desktop or mobile, ensuring that both office workers and frontline teams have equal access to company information. Any search filter applied on desktop is readily available on the mobile interface, providing a cohesive and efficient search experience across all devices.

      Automatic Hashtags for Search Targeting

      Leverage the power of MangoApps’ AI and machine learning as relevant hashtags are automatically assigned to documents and files uploaded to your domain. Our intelligent tagging system simplifies the content discovery process, enabling employees to easily find the information they need.

        Search Organization with Dynamic Filters

        Empower your employees to refine search results with versatile filters. Tailor your search experience by choosing the number of results to display, organizing them based on Best Match, Newest or Oldest, and/or specifying a desired timeframe for results. With our Relevance Tuning feature, prioritize Search results based on who added the content, when the content was added, and more. Take control of your Search experience by customizing the display and the results.

        File Content Crawling

        Unlock a different level of Search intelligence with MangoApps’ Search engine. Transcending traditional boundaries, MangoApps’ Search recognizes text within images and documents, plus transcripts of videos. This ensures that all relevant results are included, even if the title of the file doesn't precisely match the original search query.

          MangoApps’ search feature is really good, and the file versioning helps us easily replace files and edit them without having to create a whole new document.

          Mark Jones

          Director of Litigation and Special Investigations Unit

          Shelter Insurance

          Quick Retrieval
          & Easy Sharing

          Easily locate regularly referenced information with the convenience of Recent and Saved Search results; our Search field showcases your five most recent searches as well as curated selection deemed important by admins. The "Get Link" function for both Recent and Saved Search results allows employees to effortlessly share entire pages of Search results, facilitating seamless collaboration among colleagues.

          Insightful Search Analytics

          Gain valuable insights into your domain's Search performance with Search Analytics. Track the total number of searches conducted within your domain over time to understand how often employees are utilizing the Search feature. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Search behavior with the Insights page, which highlights terms marked as "unhelpful" and showcases the most frequently searched terms.

            Continuously Improve with Feedback

            Optimize the accuracy of your domain's Search results with the Feedback function. Domain admins can readily access this valuable information and use it to refine and enhance your domain's search results, creating a continuous process of improvement.

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