Elevate Your Work Experience with MangoApps Home

Accessible from anywhere and easily edited and personalized, the Home module ensures every member of your team can access the information and resources they need.

Unique & Interactive Dashboards

Leverage MangoApps to integrate various tools, content, and calendar events, creating a centralized and efficient dashboard for every employee.

Content Tailored to Specific Roles

Customize user experiences and content access based on specific roles, ensuring relevance and efficiency for each team member.

Quick & Simple Customization

Effortlessly manage and tailor dashboards to meet the unique needs of each team member, providing them with essential tools and information.

Wide Variety of Widgets

Choose from over 75 out-of-the-box widgets, ensuring that you have all the tools and functionalities at your fingertips to create a customized and efficient workspace tailored to your business needs.

Simple User-Personalization

Empower your team members by giving them the tools to tailor their own dashboards. With MangoApps, users can customize interfaces, arrange widgets, and set preferences to suit their unique needs and workstyles.

Always Up-to-Date

Ensure that your team always has access to the most current information and tools with MangoApps. Our platform provides real-time updates so your data, content, and tools are always up-to-date.

Optimized for Desktop and Mobile

Tailor your MangoApps experience with the ability to set up distinct dashboards for desktop and mobile, ensuring optimal usability and access to tools, whether you're at the office or on the go.

Update as Often as Needed

With MangoApps, you have the freedom to update and modify your dashboards and content as often as needed. This flexibility ensures that your workspace remains current, relevant, and aligned with your team's evolving needs and objectives.

Setup a Secure Front Door to Critical Apps

MangoApps' Home Dashboard acts as a robust gateway, providing secure and streamlined access to all your essential enterprise applications via Single Sign-On (SSO), ensuring your users don't have to worry about remembering and logging into each of these apps.

Benefits of MangoApps Home

Eliminate tool sprawl and give valuable time back to your employees. From company news to integrated apps, MangoApps’ Home feature is a convenient access point to information and tools. Discover the many benefits our customers enjoy by using the Home module.

Improved Communication
Users have immediate, reliable access to news and announcements that are pertinent to their specific roles, ensuring folks are always in the know without information overload.

Enhanced Productivity
Context switching is a thing of the past with SSO integrations, allowing employees to spend more time doing their actual jobs rather than juggling between multiple apps and websites.

Empowered Employees
With a relevant, personalized dashboard, employees feel seen and trusted, and can set themselves up for success with a custom selection of tools and resources that suit their preferences.

Wider Reach
Frontline teams are easily kept in the loop with configurable mobile dashboards, made with on-the-go employees in mind so no one gets left behind.

See How it Works

Give your employees fast access to the information and tools they need by creating a convenient, easy-to-update landing page for every member of your team. Use MangoApps’ collection of widgets to design a custom Home page that conveys news, to-do lists, upcoming events, useful apps and tools, and more. Watch our brief video for an overview.

Are your employees tired of wasting time and missing news?

Book a demo with MangoApps! We’ll show you how your company can utilize features like the Home module to fully engage and empower your workforce - with one, centralized platform.