Collaborative Project Workspaces

MangoApps Project Workspaces make communicating, organizing, and completing projects easy. Workspaces give employees a specific space to post updates, share documents, track milestones, and more.

  • Consolidate all project resources and communications into one straightforward and easy to use area
  • Create permissions for confidential projects, keeping content secure while still working effectively
  • Set goals, create tasks, and monitor overall project progress with detailed task management tools
  • Invite external guest users into your project space, allowing them to see and participate in the process
Collaborative Project Workspaces

Create Searchable, Task-oriented Team Workspaces

Project workspaces offer a visible, consolidated area for collaboration, with communication and task management
features that ensure your projects make it across the finish line.

  • Invite external users like customers or partners for secure collaboration
  • Tight permissions ensure that sensitive project data doesn’t leave the team
  • All project content is searchable to members, including historical data

Project Visibility

When creating or editing a project, admins can set the permission level to Public, Private, or Unlisted. Users will only be able to view projects they have access to.

Collaborative Project Workspaces

Customize Modules

Admins can modify project modules to fit the purpose of the project as needed. Modules that can be turned on/off include Files, Posts, Wikis, Tasks, Calendar, IM, and more.

Keep Projects On Track

The task management module keeps projects on track, ensuring the right resources are there to finish on time or on budget.

Improve Collaboration And Productivity

Collaborate and track progress across multiple projects. Users can stay in the loop and chime in when needed.

  • Members receive access to a project activity feed, making interaction with updates easy
  • Projects can be quickly created and assigned to relevant users
  • Collaborate using updates, wikis, posts, documents, file-sharing, and more

Project File Sharing

Sharing a file in a project is as easy as attaching it to an update, comment, or post. After a file is shared, colleagues can make edits or upload revisions.

Customers & Guest Users

Invite customers/guest users right into a project. Guests are provided immediate transparency during project execution, and can contribute at the permission level allowed.

Searchable History

All project work and communication is fully searchable (including content inside wikis, posts, chats, and files) and stays neatly documented for future reference.

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