Company Site

MangoApps’ Company Sites provide employees easy access to important company content and information. Corporate policies, office procedures, and employee resources have never been easier to manage and distribute.

Centralize Important Company Information

Break down information silos and eliminate inefficiency between office locations, departments, and employees with the MangoApps Company Site. Connect frontline and office employees by providing them with instant access to all the company content they need in a centralized, searchable platform.

✓ Easy Site Creation with Dynamic & Static Templates
✓ Utilize 80+ Widgets (including SSO Shortcuts, Calendars, & more)
✓ Mobile-First Design
✓ Powerful AI-Driven Search

MangoApps has given our organization the ability to transparently, quickly, and efficiently communicate with all of our team members, from those frontline healthcare clinicians to the system support folks like me who are sitting at our desks.

Vallery Brown

Director of Digital Media and Interim Director of Communications

OU Health

Customizable Branding

Personalize your Company Site to ensure it aligns with your organization’s identity and culture. Choose from custom themes and branded templates to make your site an extension of your brand to foster familiarity and community among your teams.

✓ Custom Site Visuals and Themes
✓ Enhanced User Experience with Branded Page Templates
✓ Mobile-Responsive Design

MangoApps has been a great partner in helping us think through how to provide our clinicians and our administrative staff the right experience. The end result feels like a product of TeamHealth, rather than another branded product that we implemented into TeamHealth.

Mike Gager

Vice President of IT

Team Health

Powerful Pages Using Templates & Widgets

Empower site admins with a refreshingly easy-to-use page designer, enabled by a drag-and-drop editing interface that business users can own and manage – freeing up your valuable IT resources. Create an unlimited number of branded templates, embed multimedia files, categorize posts by topic, and publish web/mobile content in MangoApps’ intuitive no-code editor.

✓ No-Code, Drag-and-Drop Page Editor
✓ Embed Multimedia Content and Rich Text
✓ Topic Tags for Content Organization
✓ Preview and Publish Web/Mobile Content

Engage Employees and Measure Your Impact

Highlight important announcements with banners, promote fresh or urgent content, and engage employees with social features like comments and reactions. Coupled with multi-language translation and real-time engagement analytics, the company site ensures your internal communication always reaches the right audience at the right time.

✓ Extract Detailed Content Analytics and Reports
✓ Social Features to Drive Employee Engagement
✓ Deliver Urgent Announcements with Banners
✓ AI-Powered Multi-Language Support

Document Management and Navigation

Turn your Company Site into a living archive – a source of truth for employees that remains relevant, targeted, and intentional with easy auto-governance features. Manage pages, subpages, and navigation controls with unlimited page creation.

✓ Create Unlimited Pages & Subpages for Departments and Teams
✓ Tailor Content Visibility Based on User Roles
✓ Categorize and Rearrange Pages with Menus and Sub-Menus
✓ Version Control and Auto-Governance Capabilities

I think our work product would not be as strong if we didn’t have a centralized place to save our 70 years of experience and the thousands of documents that my colleagues create every day. Being able to access that in a moment’s notice is absolutely amazing.

Annie Bidwell

Senior Director

CCS Fundraising