MangoApps Employee Posts allow employees to quickly create visually engaging and detailed content for any team. Posts can incorporate text, videos, images, or audio, making them the perfect tool for team communication.

  1. Create stunning content with more than a dozen ready to use templates, designed for media of every kind
  2. Enjoy simple and intuitive content creation at any experience level with our easy to use Word-like-editor
  3. Customize a post’s individual settings to include categories, add hashtags, share with teams, and more
  4. Receive important post feedback through comments and reactions from coworkers and other employees

Replace Email Newsletters

Replace clunky email newsletters with rich, informative posts in MangoApps. Unlike email, there’s no inbox clutter to fight against, and engagement is trackable.

  • Users can like and comment, without causing a reply-all nightmare
  • Interactive audio and video can be included
  • Build newsletters in minutes with easy-to-use templates

Send Posts To Segmented Groups

Send targeted communications to segmented groups, teams, and departments. Leverage user distribution lists to effectively send out messages to specific individuals.

Visual Editor

Block-based post creation will have even the least tech-savvy users pumping out multimedia posts in minutes. Drafts auto-save frequently so your work is never lost.

Useful Templates

Our 30+ post templates cover a range of layouts and situations. Custom templates can be created or cloned from posts, to ensure company branding and consistency.

Automatic Podcasts

Hear post text read aloud. For your employees that are on the go and need easy access, or you want to ensure accessibility to everyone in your organization.

Superior Organization

Using MangoApps Posts creates a searchable repository of content, with categories and filters so it's organized and easy to find anything.

Full Mobile Functionality

Create, schedule, view, or listen to posts from the convenience of your own mobile device.

Ensure Your Message is Received

Detailed targeting ensures that posts only go to the intended employees. There are several ways to indicate urgency and send follow-up notifications.

  • A must-read post requires users to acknowledge it, creating an auditable path
  • Boosting a post re-notifies any targeted users who have not read it
  • Target the whole company, a specific team, or any combination of people

Even more great features to love