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Case Study

How A Modern Intranet Improves Efficiency & Coordination

Learn how Kelly-Moore Paints utilizes MangoApps to increase productivity, centralize company information, and establish a culture of open communication

[MangoApps] represents a new way to communicate and collaborate within Kelly-Moore. Bringing people together and giving them a fluidity of information.
- Vojta Borovian, IT Director of Infrastructure & Services

Kelly-Moore Paints Case Study

Kelly-Moore Paints, a paint manufacturing and retail company headquartered in San Carlos, California needed to replace their legacy Intranet with a modern, centralized, easy-to-use hub for their 1,400 employees.
Chief Information Officer, Jim Maul, searched for a solution to solve these issues. After an extensive, two-dozen vendor RFP process, Maul selected MangoApps for its consolidated platform, free-flowing communication, and multi-faceted functionality.
In this case study, you will learn how Kelly-Moore Paints uses MangoApps to:
1.Improve employee efficiency with a centralized information and knowledge hub
2.Increase the level of communication between field sales employees and the corporate office
3.Encourage a cohesive and inclusive company culture
And more!
Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped Kelly-Moore Paints transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.
How A Modern Intranet Improves Efficiency & Coordination

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More Quotes From Kelly-Moore Paints Case Study
"Before, it was mostly done by email, or in person, but now, everything that happens with the project is captured in that one thread. We save time not having to repeat feedback we get from one group and sharing it with another group because everything is right there. [MangoApps is] a lot quicker and more efficient. And when we add people to a project, we don’t have to get them up to speed because everything is already there."
- Ryan Arakaki, Director of Marketing
"What MangoApps demonstrated was not only a well thought-out solution but also the flexibility to work with us and incorporate our feedback into the product. Even for our go-live, we were able to include a number of enhancements that we felt would really make a difference. MangoApps was very accommodating."
- Jim Maul, CIO