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Case Study

Fostering sustainability and inclusion

How Integral Group uses MangoApps to turn abstract conversations into actionable projects

If you want to support diversity in the workplace and create an inclusive environment, you need to create grassroots initiatives. It's a lot easier said than done. I just can't imagine if we didn't have MangoApps. I don't know how we would facilitate all these initiatives that we're doing without a platform like this.
- Megan White, Chief Sustainability Officer

Integral Group Case Study

Integral Group is an engineering firm and sustainability consultant, with a global network of design professionals collaborating under a single deep green engineering umbrella. They implemented MangoApps to unite their widely dispersed team and enable them to collaborate on complex ideas.
In this case study, you will learn how Integral Group uses MangoApps to:
1.Turn their diversity and sustainability goals into action items
2.Save 10-12 hours a week for their IT team by capturing knowledge in wikis
3.Unite global colleagues and help people find subject matter experts from beyond their local office
And more!
Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped Integral Group transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.
Fostering sustainability and inclusion

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More Quotes From Integral Group Case Study
"Especially now during COVID, MangoApps is one of the main drivers of company culture. It's been crucial to keeping people feeling knitted together. And initiatives like our Integral Gives—pro bono and volunteering work—all of that is shared on MangoApps so that people can see what the company is doing to enrich the culture."
Marissa Clark, Global Communications Manager
"I think the implementation went very well. Within a month or two, we had a system that we could actually go in and start using, instead of it being a six-month process. It seemed like anything that we wanted, if it wasn't there, it got added because we asked for it, and there wasn't an add-on cost. That made our lives a lot easier."
Marcel Tabor, Director of IT