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Executive Management

As executives we know you need to stay up to date with everything that is happening. You want your team to be innovative and get work done. You would like your employees to be faucets for ideas and at the same time show quality in their work, not just punch a time clock. You want to support your culture and unify the vision at all levels.

Why Executives Like MangoApps:

  • Departments become organized, using tools that allow for cross-collaborating and leveraging of each other’s work.
  • Employees have the right tools to get their job done, no matter where or what device they use.
  • Visibility into exactly what employees are working on, right now, with real-time micro status updates.
  • Employees stop resorting to using insecure, consumer-grade tools to store proprietary information.
  • Projects are well managed, on schedule and under budget like you want them to be.
  • Employees are innovative as they have the tools to easily contribute and collaborate on ideas.
  • Company culture is stronger with a more unified vision at all levels.
  • With a public social media outlet for employee praise and recognition, morale soars.

Human Resources

Human resources departments invest an incredible amount of time and effort into keeping everyone updated on the latest information, opportunities, and resources. MangoApps streamlines this process by creating a one-stop shop for announcements, reminders, recognition, and limitless document sharing. Numerous customization options will allow you to spread the word with ease.

Why Human Resources Loves MangoApps:

  • Intranet pages are super easy to change, add, and update
  • Conducting employee surveys and polls has never been easier
  • MangoApps simplifies the process of inputting employee information
  • HR forms are readily available to employees
  • The performance review process is streamlined
  • New hire orientation and new employee engagement is streamlined
  • Employees are often recognized and awarded for good work
  • Employees across the company easily find each other and collaborate
  • Easy to update everyone on training opportunities, employee transfers, promotions etc.


The marketing department especially loves MangoApps. You can get your job done in a fraction of the time when you can collaborate, crowd source ideas, take polls and easily post information to Facebook and Twitter right from the activity stream. Getting access to the information you need, no matter where you are in the world will soon be common place and MangoApps allows user to do that already. You can easily gather Ideas, make it a reality, and get your work done together on MangoApps.

How Marketing Departments Use MangoApps:

  • Openly discuss branding and other messages
  • Share competitive news, links and other industry updates
  • Engage product experts in marketing strategy
  • Solicit campaign ideas from colleagues
  • Share campaign ideas with other colleagues
  • Access the latest documents no matter where you are
  • Collaborate with external agencies and consultants, as well as external customers to obtain valuable feedback
  • Share and discuss marketing concepts with product teams
  • Conduct internal employee polls/surveys to crowd-source


To successfully sell your product or service requires knowing not only your product, but also your customer. From price sheets and specifications, to your customer’s opportunity information, with MangoApps you can access all the resources you need from anywhere – even on-site at your customer’s location. By using your mobile device or any web browser to access documents or contact colleagues, you can provide every customer with quick and complete responses.

Why the Sales Department likes MangoApps:

  • Access the latest price sheets and sales brochures from anywhere
  • Get fast answers to customer questions
  • Leverage other colleague's contacts for sales introductions
  • Involve the product team in the sales process
  • Learn about the latest promotions by following other departments' feeds
  • Quickly share new sales opportunities and product updates
  • Collaborate with the rest of the sales staff more efficiently than ever before
  • Share sales strategies with colleagues effortlessly
  • Grow a body of happy and engaged customers
  • Close more sales with the help of MangoApps

Product Management

Collaborate with your team about design, roadmaps, or even last minute changes from your customer. Share information in real time, to eliminate the need for endless planning and status meetings. Examine market research with your teammates and get customer feedback instantly by adding them as members of your project.

Product Managers Love MangoApps Because:

  • Work seamlessly with marketing on new product concepts
  • Eliminate the need for frequent meetings
  • Collaborate efficiently on products with the design team Share and discuss market research as a team
  • No longer answering the same questions over and over
  • Communicate changes and track progress easily
  • solicit feedback and comments from colleagues across departments and geographies
  • Discuss and share product performance in different markets
  • Work cohesively with sales to discuss pricing

Project Management

Put together your dream team for every project quickly and easily. Whether it’s engineering, research, marketing or product teams, communication occurs in real time, allowing for instant, reliable status and progress updates. Put an end to status meetings without losing a drop of communication efficiency.

How MangoApps helps Project Managers:

  • Build the best qualified team for the project
  • Communicate with others in the project team
  • Keep different aspects of the project and teams on the same page
  • Stay connected and up to date no matter the location
  • Stop wasting time with all-day status meetings
  • Communicate changes and track progress
  • Share the project plan with inter-department teams
  • Keep remote team members feel connected and always in the loop
  • Solicit feedback and comments from colleagues across departments and geographies

Engineering, Research & Development

For engineering and R&D departments staying connected with every department, even if those located in offices across the globe, is usually crucial. This is important for bug reporting, new feature requests from customers, even links to competitor’s products. Meet other members of your team virtually and share web-based group discussions from anywhere in the world.

How R&D department uses MangoApps:

  • Learn about company, sales, and marketing updates
  • Collaborates about bugs with support and QA effortlessly
  • Ask questions of others when you are stuck
  • Share links, news, and other work updates
  • Find an expert on a topic with the company
  • Know how the products built are performing
  • Quickly bring a new team-mate up to speed on a project
  • Meet new department colleagues
  • Learn the role and responsibilities of any department or individual in the company
  • Find collaborative solutions by working together on large design documents

Quality Assurance

Finding the latest changes to requirements and keeping up to date with your team are imperative in a successful QA department. Make it easy to not only share with your team but also receive clarifications from time to time. Sharing test cases and other best practices with your teammates will make everyone’s job easier and result in better final outcomes.

QA teams love to use MangoApps to:

  • Easily find out about changes to requirements
  • Keep test cases up to date
  • Clarify, track, and get updates on the issues as they are reported
  • See and comment on test cases to learn from experience
  • Share test cases to be reviewed by others
  • Get clarification on requirements and design questions
  • Solicit feedback from engineers and other colleagues on test plans
  • Learn and share the best QA practices with co-workers
  • Store test cases and other documents in a central location to easily share them with others
  • Rest assured knowing your test cases will always be the latest version

Information Technology

MangoApps understands the IT departments needs to plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in your organization. Responsibilities include determining the technology goals of the organizations and implementing the appropriate system to meet those goals securely. With MangoApps, exceed these goals and maximize resources using affordable enterprise grade applications and simple information management.

Why the IT Managers like MangoApps:

  • Employees actually like and enjoy using the tools IT provided
  • All company documents are in secure systems
  • It is easy to stay connected and available
  • All documents get archived and backed up properly
  • Managing logins to many different applications is easy
  • Employees can get to the files they need from anywhere
  • Consumer grade applications are not compromising company IP
  • Enabling employees to collaborate and communicate in one system is easier
  • Easily replacing multiple high cost systems with one
  • Getting users up to speed is quick with familiar easy-to-use interface

Customer Support

Customer retention relies heavily on customer support. Customer decisions to renew a contract, or find greener pastures, often falls in the hands of CS specialists. Answering questions faster and more accurately can make all the difference. Using MangoApps will make satisfying your customers a breeze.

How Customer Support department uses MangoApps:

  • Answer and respond to customer inquiries
  • Access product and engineering teams for information or resources
  • Bring customer issues to the team and resolve them
  • Stay in the loop on product changes Bring new support personnel up-to-speed using the existing knowledge-base
  • Feel connected with other departments
  • Discuss support best practices with others on the team
  • Share links, articles, and ideas with colleagues often