What Are Must Read Posts?

Must read posts are any kind of mandatory announcement. Unlike some more optional content, must read posts must be read by everyone they have been shared with. Must read posts are useful for highlighting any kind of important information and can include anything from introducing a new employee to updating important policies and procedures. Must read posts can also be shared with any range of employees. Depending on who needs to see the announcement, must read posts can be shared with either the entire organization or only a specific department, project, or group of individuals.
Relying on email to reach all of our employees just wasn't working, but must read posts in MangoApps makes overcoming that obstetrical easy.

Managing Must Read Messages

Whatever kind of content a must read posts contains, it’s always considered important information. So naturally, leaders want to know if employees have seen and understood their message. But typical communication methods make it difficult to know not only if employees have seen the news, but also if the message has even been delivered. Most must read messages are distributed by email, which are impossible to track or manage. An emailed must read message could easily be flagged as spam, accidentally overlooked, or actually read by the employee. And unless a leader follows up with every employee, it’ll always be ambiguous. For organizations with primarily frontline workers or employees without company email addresses, managing must read information is even more difficult. Leaders can only reach out by word of mouth or attempt to reach everyone by posting a physical copy of the information.

MangoApps Makes A Simple Solution

MangoApps removes the obstacles of must real messages and makes both sharing and tracking important news easy. With posts in MangoApps, designating a message as must read is as simple a selecting a check box. Must read messages are clearly marked, and automatically notify employees, ensuring everyone stays informed and content is never accidentally overlooked.
Must read posts also make it easy to designate who posts are intended for. Before publishing a post you can choose to send it to either the entire company or to only to a specific group of individuals. Assigning must read information to specific individuals ensures news is always relevant and other workers are never distracted or cluttered with additional information. Perhaps best of all, must read messages in MangoApps allow the author to keep track of who has seen the post and who still needs to do so, removing ambiguity and creating a clear record of who has viewed the information.

How To Create Must Read Posts:

  1. 1
    MangoApps must read posts quickly distribute important and emergency information to all affected employees.
  2. 2
    To create a new must read post, make sure that posts are enabled in your platform, and then select the posts icon from the left navigation menu.
  3. 3
    Alternatively, you can select the ‘compose’ button from the top of your dashboard and then the ‘post’ button from the drop-down menu.
  4. 4
    Next, decide who to share your post with, give it a title, and choose from over a dozen different template options. Or start a post entirely from scratch.
  5. 5
    You can edit the post and add or remove content until it’s exactly what you need. Once your post is finished, be sure to select the ‘must read’ setting to ensure it becomes a must read post.
  6. 6
    Once your post and settings are all in place select ‘publish post’ button to finish.
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