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What Are Milestones and Releases?

Milestones and releases are important project updates and accomplishments that are important to communicate both internally and externally. Employees need to be able to search and track the progress of milestones that impact their work so they can plan accordingly, and customers often need to be aware of major updates, too.

Problem: Communicating Milestones and Releases

The actual work of completing a milestone or release is only part of the process. Once a milestone is finished, employees need a way to share it with the larger organization, and possibly some external stakeholders.
Most companies rely on word of mouth or mass emails for this communication, almost guaranteeing that someone will either miss the message or accidentally be excluded. This has a direct impact on future work and planning across the company, and it’s also difficult to look back on old milestones for reference if they’re only communicated as emails.
MangoApps allows us to engage with each other quicker and stay up to date on milestones and releases as they become available.

Solution: Making Milestones Matter

Project spaces in MangoApps allow users to collaborate on tasks and milestones in a centralized, secure digital environment. Large projects can be broken down to manageable chunks, making it easier to see progress and keep everyone updated.
Then, once milestones are complete, it’s easy to share updates with coworkers and customers, ensuring that everyone is better informed on the current state of the product.
In an IT product organization, these modules can be used to track sprints that are assigned to engineering teams, or use the milestone nomenclature as product versions. MangoApps also has a project health feature, which lets project owners track progress at a glance, and is derived from the completion of tasks within the project.

How To Make Tasks:

  1. 1
    Tasks help break down complicated projects into achievable steps and goals. You can assign a task to yourself or another user. To create a new task, first, go to the project where you want your task to take place. Make sure tasks are enabled in your project area and then select the ‘tasks’ button from the left sidebar.
  2. 2
    To start a new task or milestone, select the ‘task tools’ button and then choose to ‘Add A New Task’ or ‘Add A New Milestone.’
  3. 3
    Outline your task or milestone, assign it to a project, and then designate any specific details like due dates, task approvers, checklists, and more.
  4. 4
    Once published, tasks will detail your specific instructions and let you submit updates, set reminders, and turn over a completed task for approval.