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What Are Town Hall Meetings?

Much like its counterpart in local politics, a town hall meeting is when employees are given a chance to reach out to leadership with questions, concerns, and ideas. Effective town hall meetings instill confidence and trust in leadership by providing an open channel of communication, and increase workers’ engagement and practical knowledge.
An effective town hall meeting strategy includes regular meetings and allows employees to hear from and address leaders at all levels. Topics and questions should be submittable in advance by any employee, anonymously, and/or in person during the actual event.
In this era where everything is visual, a modern, interactive, attractive way of communicating is absolutely mandatory.
-Jan Carel Uylenberg, HR Director, A.S. Watson Benelux

Problem: Multiple Work Locations

Most modern businesses want to increase communication and transparency with their employees, but struggle to do so effectively. Finding a way to keep everyone connected, especially in a large or geographically diverse organization, is a serious headache.
For most businesses, holding town hall meetings means asking leaders to travel to every work location and conduct dozens of conferences. Though somewhat effective, this strategy is time-consuming and expensive, and keeps insights and ideas from different locations siloed. It can also be challenging to gather questions quickly and confidentially.

Solution: Conducting Town Halls Digitally

MangoApps make holding town hall meetings fast, simple, and secure. We connect companies into a single, centralized workspace where everyone can communicate openly regardless of location or schedule.
This means that it is easy for the whole organization to submit questions in advance, giving them time to ponder their questions, and also allowing leaders to review the questions in advance.
Next, the leaders can easily record their answers in video form and share them company-wide. Team members are then free to view these answers at their convenience, gaining insight from peers and leaders all over the organization without disrupting their work experience.
Alternatively, virtual town hall meetings can be done using a live video stream, allowing employees to participate in the moment. MangoApps offers native video for up to 10 people at a time, as well as integrations with larger-scale video meeting tools. In the case of a town hall, a company could use Zoom or GoToMeeting to host the live town hall itself, and use the MangoApps platform to spread the message and ensure that everyone is aware and has access to the meeting.
Most companies find success by incorporating a mix of company-wide posts and live streams into their town hall process, and make use of MangoApps’ built-in amplification features to ensure maximum visibility.

How To Gather Questions With A Survey:

  1. 1
    Surveys help employees easily gather information and gain important insight. To start a new survey, go to the group or department where you want your survey to be held.
  2. 2
    Next, hover over the ‘More’ drop-down menu and select ‘New Survey.’ You can also start a new survey by selecting the ‘Compose’ button from the top navigation bar and selecting ‘Survey’ from the drop down menu, under ‘Feedback.’
  3. 3
    Start from one of our templates or create your own survey with a blank form. Edit, rearrange, add, or delete questions until your survey is just right.
  4. 4
    Publish your survey to a specific team or share it individually. After employees have taken the survey, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive data analysis you can view at any time.
  5. 5
    This has a variety of uses, and is a great way to gather questions in advance of a town hall meeting. Mobile functionality makes it inclusive of everyone from office staff to frontline workers.

How To Respond with Company Posts:

  1. 1
    Company posts quickly distribute wide-reaching information out to the entire organization. To create a new company post, you first must be a network administrator or have received permission from an administrator.
  2. 2
    Once you have permission to post, select the ‘Compose’ button from the top of your dashboard and then the ‘Post’ button from the drop-down menu, under ‘Share.’
  3. 3
    Next, choose the option to share your post with everyone, ensuring it becomes a wide-reaching company post.
  4. 4
    Give your post a title and choose a template or start from scratch. For town hall content, we recommend using video, which is available as a template option.
  5. 5
    Once your post is ready, just adjust the settings and select ‘Publish Post.’

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