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Designed For Every Person
In Your Company

We believe that the true power of an integrated workplace is achieved when every employee benefits from the same platform. MangoApps is designed so that employees at every level get a targeted experience that enhances their daily work experience and boosts productivity.


Creating a seamless experience and giving your employees a voice ensures that they feel valued,
reducing turnover and improving efficiency.

Centralized store operations

Your frontline workforce can find everything they need within the MangoApps mobile app, like next week’s schedule, the company vacation policy, or the latest product training update.

Targeted company news

Push information out to segments of your workforce, so each associate’s news feed is full of updates that are relevant to them.

A voice for everyone

Surveys and polls allow you to collect feedback from all employees, and make decisions with greater visibility into company-wide sentiments.

Dynamic store schedules

Rather than a messy spreadsheet or photo in repeated Whatsapp messages, view the most updated store schedule at all times via desktop or mobile app.
Give employees a voice
Create new connections

Connection between locations

Make the company feel smaller by creating a community where associates can connect across roles and locations with individual and group messaging.

Better understanding

Improve visibility between departments that don’t usually communicate, by giving them a platform for simple, social media-like communication.


Improve store performance by allowing store managers to focus on high-level execution instead of repetitive processes.
Hands-off onboarding

Hands-off onboarding

Streamlined onboarding of associates saves time for busy store managers dealing with high turnover and seasonal changes.

Reduce repetitive questions

When associates have their schedule and shift information in a mobile app, managers can spend less time fielding questions.

Effective store communication

A single communication environment makes it easy to reach both corporate employees and store associates with quick messages.

Better information distribution

When corporate can communicate updates directly to associates, managers don’t have to be intermediaries, saving time and ensuring a more consistent message.
Effective communication
Reliable task management

Reliable task management

High-level store tasks and operations are easier to manage with tasks and to-do lists, and materials from corporate stay organized and updated.

Real-time visibility

Gain real-time feedback on store execution and performance. Information can be easily shared with corporate, leading to more impactful changes.

Employee shout-outs

Celebrate employees’ successes and build goodwill with rewards and recognition that are visible to your location or the entire company.

Connect between stores

Give store managers from different locations a space to network and learn from each other.
Employee shout-outs

Business Leaders

Align employees to your company brand and values and get deep insights into
operations and performance from your locations.
Top-down communication

Reach all your stores

Easily create and distribute posts and newsletters to communicate company-wide updates or distribute news to segments of your workforce.

Reinforce your brand

Enhance employees’ attachment to your brand and values by connecting them to each other and common purposes.

Highlight your values in action

Create a space for awards and employee stories that are tied to your core values.

Manage seasonal tasks

Tasks and to-do lists make it easy to deploy projects to store managers and track their progress in real time.
Reinforce company culture
Increase engagement at all levels

Increase engagement at all levels

Establish an engaging culture with likes and comments on company posts. Celebrate hard work with public rewards & recognitions.

Gain store insights

Ensure that you are reaching your ROI with our comprehensive insights and analytics page. Make informed changes to increase productivity and engagement.

Improve employee experience

Create a modern employee experience with a digital space for performance feedback, coaching, and friendly competition with gamification.

Collect valuable feedback

Use surveys and polls to gauge employee sentiment and get input factors like schedule quality, task best practices, and working conditions.
Reinforce company culture
The absolutely killer application for us is that we offer employees their working schedule online. Every employee, 24/7, on their mobile devices, on their way to the store, can actually look at their schedule to make sure they know what the plan for that day is like. And that is the absolute number one for our employees.
- Jan Carel Uylenberg, HR Director, A.S. Watson Benelux
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Break free from legacy systems and move forward faster with MangoApps.

A unified employee experience saves employees time, improves workplace efficiency and agility.

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