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Business Leaders

Establish effective top-down communication

Establish effective top-down communication

Easily create and distribute posts to communicate company-wide news and updates. Segment your workforce for more targeted content.

Reinforce company culture

Reinforce your culture and values with consistent communication and opportunities for your factory workers and line managers to make their voices heard

Increase engagement

Keep frontline workers engaged with the ability to like and comment on company posts. Celebrate and acknowledge their hard work with rewards and recognition.

Gain insights from your platform

Get actionable insights into employee sentiment and content consumption, and improve your communication effectiveness over time.
Increase engagement
Ensure security & compliance

Ensure security & compliance

Maintain organization-wide compliance by satisfying industry standards/regulatory requirements. Enterprise-grade security and data protection ensures that all of your information is secure.

Easy platform administration and development

Take some of the strain off your IT team with our easy-to-use admin interface. Our support team will do all the legwork of implementation and rollout.


Painless onboarding

Painless onboarding

Streamlined onboarding processes save time and allow your frontline workers to hit the ground running on their first day.

Improved communication

Reach your factory workers easily by putting mobile tools in their hands. Quick, two-way communication lets you stay ahead of issues and keep better track of your team.

Employee shout-outs

Highlight employee stories and successes to enrich your workplace culture and encourage high productivity.

Real-time visibility

Gain real-time feedback on team execution and performance. Easily share this information with business leaders, leading to more impactful changes.
Employee shout-outs
Better scheduling

Better scheduling

Manage shift schedules within the app, so everyone has 24/7 access to the latest version and you don’t have to send pictures via WhatsApp or field questions.


Task communication

Task communication

Allow managers to clearly communicate and track assignments while ensuring frontline workers understand expectations and work requirements.

Schedules & hours

Provide a space where employees can easily access their work schedules. With a single version of the schedule, factory employees are always provided the most current version of their shift schedule.

Searchable information library

Ensure that frontline workers have quick and easy access to policy updates, training, and other important resources.

Quick links

Set up a dashboard with buttons that take employees directly to external tools they need, like paystubs and benefit information.
Searchable information library
Continuous learning

Continuous learning

Ensure that employees are knowledgeable about the latest safety measures and processes by assigning lessons and providing easy access to learning materials.

Questions & feedback

Empower your frontline workers to ask questions so they can maintain a high level of productivity. Use surveys to collect feedback and learn improvements that need to be made.

Mobile access

Our intuitive mobile app gives your factory workers access to all the tools they need, without requiring a ton of training and oversight.
Mobile access
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