Employee Orientation & Onboarding

Simplify and streamline the employee orientation and onboarding process with an easy-to-use platform. With all necessary steps ingrained into one system, get your new employees ready to work much faster than ever before.

Employee, Customer, & Partner Training

With a variety of training methods, including videos and articles, ensure that all of your employees, customers, and partners have the knowledge to fill their role efficiently.

Knowledge Capture & Retention

Don’t just teach your employees, learn from them! Capture and record knowledge from employees so their valuable skills, techniques and information stays with your company when they leave. Keep all of this information available in one place so you can train new employees at any time.

Mandatory Compliance Training for Employees

Many industries and governments require employees to take mandatory compliance training. Keep track and easily design certifications that are valid for certain periods of time, and allow for recertification when needed.

Goal-Oriented Learning

Allow dedicated employees to work towards their skill and career goals. With certification paths, employees will know exactly what skills are needed to obtain a certain position, and will have all of the tools necessary in order to reach those goals.

Implementing Mentorship Programs

Implement job shadowing for employees who want it. Connect mentors and mentees through our LMS platform and schedule sessions for meetings. You can even create courses that describe the mentor’s position.

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