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Employee Engagement Is No Longer Optional

Learn how better communication fosters employee understanding and behavior change.

Employee Engagement Is No Longer Optional

Benefits of MangoApps for HR Teams

Improve worker happiness from day one by cultivating a positive, inclusive company culture.
Boost engagement, share news, and give your employees a single space for resources.
MangoApps for HR Teams

Increase Employee Engagement

Keep your workers engaged by encouraging feedback, recognition, and interaction.
MangoApps for HR Teams

Build a Positive
Company Culture

Create an uplifting work environment with employee awards and celebrations tied to your company values.
MangoApps for HR Teams

Promote Equity
And Inclusion

Encourage every employee to share ideas, be visible, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Key Features For HR Departments

Giving An Award Is Quick and Engaging

Surveys and Polls

Give employees a voice with actionable feedback mechanisms.

Critical Alerts

Quickly send emergency notifications to impacted employees with custom templates and viewing insights.

Employee Directory

Forge new connections with rich visual profiles for every employee in your organization.


Enable employees to find answers by posting questions that get routed to your internal subject matter experts.
Awards Highlighted On Profile
Giving An Award Is Quick and Engaging

Engagement Campaigns

Promote employee engagement by sending targeted messaging to relevant segments of your workforce.


Tailor MangoApps to fit your company’s brand by adding personalized logos, labels, designs, and more.

HR-Specific Use Cases

Ensure a positive onboarding experience, and keep employees happy and engaged with
better access to content, resources, and each other.


Get new employees up and running quickly with easy, mobile-friendly access to a single space for resources, training, forms, and company knowledge.

  • Create interactive onboarding experiences to effectively train workers
  • Personalized learning paths get employees on the right training track
  • Searchable team workspaces help new members quickly get their bearings
  • Easy-to-find HR resources ensure smooth onboarding
  • Ongoing compliance and job skill training helps employees make the most of their roles
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Self-Service Content

Self-Service Content

Eliminate repetitive questions by creating a clear path for employees to find company resources without the need for HR involvement. When HR reps are needed, use forms and ticketing to systemize the process into an efficient workflow.

  • Eliminate the constant back-and-forth of HR questions with FAQs, resource libraries, and wikis
  • Replace scattered emails with interactive forms that turn requests into trackable tasks
  • Automated approvals and assignments ensure that tasks are completed quickly and nothing is missed
  • Integrates with all major ticketing systems
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Self-Service Content
Rewards & Recognitions

Rewards & Recognitions

Encourage the celebration of employee accomplishments and milestones to cultivate an inclusive work community.

  • Encourage employees to celebrate others’ achievements
  • Highlight worker contributions on company-wide newsfeed
  • Showcase company values using custom, brand-aligned rewards
  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries using personalized greetings
  • Award redeemable prizes to employees for recognition points
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HR Rewards & Recognitions
Company Newsletters

Company Newsletters

Deliver visually engaging multimedia announcements to all your employees. Keep everyone up to date with the latest company news and informed of relevant business changes.

  • Design customized company newsletters in minutes with flexible templates
  • Build affinity with work memories and employee shoutouts/awards
  • Receive employee feedback via comments and reaction
  • Track the viewership of announcements with detailed analytics, and follow up when necessary
  • Engage 100% of your workforce with an intuitive mobile app
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Company Newsletters
DEI Efforts

DEI Efforts

Develop an inclusive environment that welcomes a diverse workforce and promotes visibility for everyone.

  • Create employee resource group workspaces to foster inclusivity
  • Be inclusive of mobile or remote employees by sharing news via our flexible platform
  • Translation services ensure that workers can effectively use the platform in their native language
  • Text to speech feature so posts can be heard
  • Events & greetings for inclusive holidays and community events
  • Anonymous surveys to get honest feedback from everyone
HR efforts

Useful HR Integrations

Integrations with common HR platforms and single sign-on allow you to use MangoApps as a central dashboard that links out to employee tools.
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Integrations That Fit Your Needs

Our Customers Achieve Amazing Results

Listen to some of the hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide who use MangoApps to drive their digital transformation.
MangoApps actually serves an extremely important purpose within EJP... it brings EJP together. We’re a large number of volunteers primarily and we’re busy people all doing different things. [Through MangoApps] you know what other people are doing and there’s that shared purpose of mission. It really gives you a sense of the depth and the scope of our organization and the work we do.
- Stan Yanchus, EJP Writing Partner, University of Illinois
From the start, our aim was to let employees share their knowledge because we know there is so much knowledge among our store employees. Ever since we started using MangoApps, that’s absolutely what has happened and we’re very happy with that.
- Jan Carel Uylenberg, HR Director, A.S. Watson Benelux

Build Engagement With a
Centralized Hub for Your Team

Employee happiness starts from easy access to a space for resources, wellness, and communication.
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