How to Flag Inappropriate Content Feeds in Mangoapps?

There are instances when company employees posts inappropriate content in their social intranet which is against company policy. Organizations don’t want such feeds to be viewed by other employees. To address this, MangoApps provides a feature in which any feed content can be flagged by network or guest user if he/she finds the content inappropriate or against company […]

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How to Post an Update/question/poll/blog Post to Multiple Teams?

The network may have a requirement of composing an update/question/post/poll to multiple teams to save time from posting the same content on multiple teams. Currently, this can be achieved in MangoApps by 2 ways:
1. In the To list, add multiple teams (Applicable only for Update/Question/Poll). Below are the steps to achieve this:
a. Click on “Universal Compose” […]

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Everything You Need to Know About #hashtags

What are hashtags?
Hashtags are a simple way of categorizing content in your domain into topics by using the hashtag symbol ‘#’ along with the topic or phrase and adding it to your post. For example:This is a great sales update! #SalesWin.Hashtags automatically turn the topic or phrase into clickable links in your post. Hashtags help […]

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How Can We Hide and Unhide a News Feed?

MangoApps user would like to hide an unwanted feed sometimes because they do not wish to be a part of the conversation happening around those feeds and have nothing to share.
Hide a feed short video tutorial

To hide a feed, change the Feeds filter from “Unread” to “My Feeds”

Then click on the more option and select […]

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The Explore All Feeds Feature and Walled Organizations

This is your company’s ‘water-cooler’ feed. All status updates, ideas posted, public groups and projects, events, and blogs.
There is a caveat to when the feature is available in MangoApps… ONLY when your domain is using the “Open” (Type 1) Organization structure. If you are missing the “All Public Feeds” feature from it’s normal location as […]

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How Do I Configure the Primary and Secondary Tab Feed Filters?

The Primary Feed will display information that’s more pressing or important to you. The Secondary Feed will showcase less important information. Both can be personalized to suit your preferences.
To filter the feeds that show on your Primary and Secondary tabs for your inbox, you can follow these steps:

Access your Inbox Settings by clicking on the grey text […]

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What Are the Different Types of Indirect Communication in Mangoapps?

First of all, let’s talk about indirect communication in MangoApps. Indirect communication can be viewed by a broad audience rather than a specific colleague. The list of indirect messaging types includes, but is not limited to:

Status Updates
Top-level short announcements to your followers telling them what’s happening or what you are working on.
Quick Polls
A simple, multiple […]

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How Do We Use Mangoapps Microblogging for Business?

Microblogging with MangoApps is admittedly a change to how your business will communicate and collaborate internally. In business, sometimes you need to make a small change to realize the full potential of improved ways to get things done.
MangoApps is viral within organizations and will displace internal email within your organization. By diminishing the sheer volume […]

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What is “ask a Question” in Mangoapps?

The “Ask a Question” is a special feed type to ask a question to your followers; project, group, or department members.
To ask a question in MangoApps:

Click on the “Compose” button.
Select “Ask a Question”

Then choose either to post to your followers or to a team.
If you chose a team then specify the team.
Choose “Ask” to ask […]

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How Will Mangoapps Microblogging Change My Company’s Internal Communication?

MangoApps naturally displaces hidden internal emails from your inbox to the MangoApps open forum. Your employees will prefer MangoApps over email because communication is organized in a linear thread, everyone is completely informed by the exact same thread of communication, and MangoApps offers the opportunity to instantly communicate on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many basis through […]

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How Does Auto-follow Work in Mangoapps?

By the end of this article you’ll know:

What is auto-follow?
What is the number of users that will work with the auto-follow feature?
How do I disable auto-follow?
Can I override the auto-follow setting?

What is auto-follow?
Auto-follow is a setting in the Admin Portal so that users in MangoApps will automatically follow all other users in MangoApps. Some organizations […]

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What Does It Mean to Mark Team “private” Rather Than “public”?

In general, “private” in the context of MangoApps means that communication is restricted to a specific audience and will not be viewable by everyone in the network.
Direct Messages are private and their associated document attachments are viewable only by the colleague that receive the Direct Message, and the originator of the communication.
Groups and Project can […]

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Can I Add Comments or Files to Any Communication in Mangoapps?

Yes, any communication that produces a feed or an instant message can include files as part of the communication. To attach a file to a feed, click the “Attach” link while composing the feed. To attach a file to an IM or chat, choose “Attach File”.
Furthermore, comments can be added to any feed, document or […]

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How Does Microblogging Save Us Time over Email?

Microblogging saves you time over using email because:

Users don’t have to choose the “To:” audience as they do in email because MangoApps is “open” communication.
Users choose which of their colleagues’ feeds to “Follow” which limits the number of impertinent messages.
MangoApps is better organized than email because it is truly threaded and chronological.
Everyone stays on the […]

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Using Enterprise Social Networking

By the end of this article you will have answered questions pertaining to using the Enterprise Social Networking in MangoApps. The topics covered in this article are divided by a series of frequently asked questions including:

What is Enterprise Social Networking?
Who will see my updates?
Who’s updates do I see?
How do I see everyone’s updates?
What is the […]

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Why Does Indirect Communication in Mangoapps Going to Make My Organization More Efficient and Productive?

Indirect communication in MangoApps will improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity by:

Immediately including and informing a broad audience of followers rather than a select few that the author has chosen.
Keeping the whole team on the same page by making communication and collaboration truly linear in real-time.
Emptying your email inbox of most internal communication so email […]

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How Can I ‘move Conversation’ in Mangoapps?

As a initiator of a conversation (feed) you can move the conversation to a different group or a project. If there aren’t any existing groups or projects that are relevant for this conversation, you can create a group or project on the fly. To move a conversation:

Click on the “More” menu and choose “Move Conversation”.

Choose […]

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How Does Mangoapps Compare to Older “collaboration” Tools Like Email That Businesses Struggle with Today?

MangoApps is different than other types of communication and collaboration software because:

Communication is open to the broad audience of your teammates so that you don’t have to explicitly choose who receives your communications.
You receive only the communications from people that you “Follow” avoiding the majority of irrelevant communication.
Colleagues can comment and see other colleagues’ comments […]

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Become a Microblogging Expert

So you’re looking for even more Microblogging Zen? Ok, you’ve found the right place. Send a good microblogging question to and your question and answer will probably end up here.
By the end of this article you’ll have the expert answers for:

Why should I create a task from a feed?
How do I Hide certain feeds […]

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Microblogging on Android Devices

Microblogging on Android devices is the same in concept as the Web Client or Desktop Messenger but the layout is a bit different. The best practices of Android microblogging will be conveyed through answers to the following questions:

Where do I download MangoApps for Android?
How do I log in to MangoApps on my Android device?
What application […]

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Microblogging on Ios Devices

Microblogging on iOS devices is the same in concept as the Web Client or Desktop Messenger but the layout is a bit different. The best practices of iOS microblogging will be conveyed through answers to the following questions:

What iOS devices and versions does MangoApps support?
Where do I download MangoApps for iOS?
How do I log in […]

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How to Use “like” on Content in Mangoapps?

A familiar concept in MangoApps is the ability to “Like” content that is contributed by others. The questions this article answers will outline the best practices of “Like” in MangoApps and include:

Why should I “Like” something in MangoApps?
How do I “Like” something, in general?
Once I “Like” something, can I change my mind and remove my […]

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How Do I Mention Someone in Mangoapps?

The best practices for mentioning a colleague in MangoApps can be covered by answering the following questions about the mention feature. By the end of the article you’ll know the answers to:

What is a mention in MangoApps?
When should I use mentions in MangoApps?
Where can I find my mentions in MangoApps?
Can I get an email notification […]

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Attach Files to Feeds & Comments

Attaching files to your communications is important the best practices when collaborating in MangoApps. Attachments will be discussed the the question headings:

Why should I attach documents to communications in MangoApps?
How do I find files in MangoApps that were previously attached?
How do I update attachments with new versions of the same file?

Why should I attach documents […]

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How to Follow Colleagues You Work with in Mangoapps?

This article introduces the best practices of following Colleagues in your MangoApps domain. To get started we’ll cover:

Why should you follow colleagues in your domain?
Who should you follow?
How do you follow a colleague?
Who is following you?

After you know the major points in this article, go out and follow MangoApps Colleagues in our own domain.
Why should […]

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How Can I Create Feeds That Stream Videos?

To create a feed that other users can find to stream the video you attach:

Create a status update or any type of feed and attach the video file you would like others to stream.

To watch streaming videos from feeds:

Find the feed that your colleague has posted that has a video attachment. Here’s an example:
You can either click […]

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How Can I Delete Feeds from Activity Streams?

Yes, you can delete the feeds and comments that you have posted. In general, to delete a feed, click on the “Delete” link from the list of actions below the message. “Delete” may also appear in the “More” menu.
Deleting a feed will remove all related comments, likes, bookmarks, and attached files.

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What 3rd Party Applications Does Mangoapps Integrate With?

Out of the box MangoApps comes integrated with over 35 systems including Active Directory, SharePoint, Salesforce, Jira, Box, Dropbox, and others. In addition, our extensive set of restful APIs makes it easy to integrate other enterprise systems.

If you you need custom application integration inside MangoApps,  contact us or submit a support ticket.

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How Does “open” Communication in Mangoapps Compare to Other “closed” Communication Methods?

MangoApps is different than other types of communication and collaboration software because:

Communication is open to the broad audience of your teammates so that you don’t have to explicitly choose who receives your communications.
You receive only the communications from people that you “Follow” avoiding the majority of irrelevant communication.
Colleagues can comment and see other colleagues’ comments […]

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How Can I Mention a Collegue in Mangoapps?

To add a mention for a colleague, place an “@” symbol in front of their user ID where you’d usually mention them by name. For instance, to mention “Alan” (with user ID “@alan”) in a feed, just include “@alan” as part of your feed.
Colleagues are notified on their Inbox under the mentions tab

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How Do I Communicate with Someone Privately?

When a private communication is required for whatever reason, you can choose “Send a Message” from the universal “Compose” button, type the name/email and the message to send it.

Additionally, you can request an “Acknowledgement” or attach files while sending a private message.


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How Can I Know when a Colleague Has Read My Message?

Yes, you can set an “Acknowledgement” to know when colleagues have read your message.
To require an “Acknowledgement” for a feed that you post, check the Acknowledgement check box while creating the Post.

Your colleagues will see the feed on their wall along with an additional message to acknowledge

Once your colleagues click on “Acknowledge”, you would see that […]

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What Type of Files Can Be Attached to My Microblogs?

File of any file type and any size can be attached to microblogs, including documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, applications and system files. Files will not be blocked by MangoApps because of size or file type.
Please ensure that the files that you are trying to attach does not have special characters like : { \ etc […]

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