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If your company is looking to connect internal social networking to work deliverables leading you to look for Yammer alternatives, this post is for you.  You won’t find any Yammer bashing here – After all Microsoft acquisition of Yammer for over a billion dollars has to be for a reason.

Nonetheless, Yammer is not always the best fit for all organizations.Whatever the reason that drove you to research for, the best Yammer alternatives for your organization of course depends on your needs and requirements.

It also depends on the size of your organization and the number of users you expect.  Some vendors offer offering customization and integration to small & mid-market customers and some to large enterprises.

Top 5 Yammer Alternatives for 50 to 5000 size companies

The below five vendors focus on deployments of 50–5,000 active users (total employees can be more).  If your organization falls into this category, one of these vendors will more than likely best fit your needs, at a price that fits your budget.

MangoApps – A “Gartner Cool Vendor”, offering an all-inclusive social collaboration suite including an Team Collaboration Software & a Social Intranet Software with full Document management, Project management, Task management, wikis, employee recognition etc.  Easy to use, robust mobile access from all platforms, plugins for Microsoft Office Outlook, Google Apps and a lot more along with advanced security features including mobile device management.

MangoApps intranet collaboration software performs customization and integration for organizations as small as 10 users but also goes up to as large as 1 million users. Private cloud, on-premise and shared cloud deployments models are available.

Socialcast – Owned by VMware since 2011, offers activity streams, microblogging, employee profiles, and more.  Available in the cloud or on-premise. It lacks integration of internal social networking with project collaboration, document management and unified communication tools like IM, presence & video. Socialcast offers a free trial for up to 50 users.

Chatter – A Salesforce offered enterprise social network product. With Salesforce recent acquisition of companies in task management, help desk domains it’s possible that chatter might at some point in time offer integration but for now it is mostly social network built on top of Salesforce’s CRM offering. It has a free version and the chatter plus version that offers customization and CRM features is $15 per user/month. It lacks integration with project management, unified communication tools and does not offer on-premise deployment.

IGLOO – A Canadian based company offering online communities and social software for enterprise collaboration.  Multi-tenant SaaS is the only deployment option for SMB and mid-market customers.  Avg cost is $12/user/month.

SocialText – a wiki-centric collaboration app.  Makes intranet social but lacks integration into MSFT office & outlook reducing its reach to business users in your company. Acquired in May 2012 by private equity firm Bedford Funding, Socialtext is available in the cloud or on-premise.  Has Avg cost is $9/user/month.

Find the Right Yammer Alternative Vendor for You

Top 5 Yammer Alternatives Enterprise Collaboration Software & Social Intranet Tools
Top 5 Yammer Alternatives Enterprise Collaboration Software & Social Intranet Tools

There’s no shortage of enterprise collaboration software vendors.  You can make the selection process easier by starting with the right “short list”.   You can then narrow down the best Yammer alternative for your organization based on your specific needs and requirements.

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