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Customizable Branding

Turn your network into an engaging and interactive extension of your brand.

A Company-Branded Digital Workplace

Configure your company portal with our extensive customization options,
so that your digital workplace looks and feels like your brand.
A Company-Branded Digital Workplace
Set the favicon, image/logo, and company name that appears on your domain
Choose how profiles/icons will appear on the company portal
Customize the colors of the domain so that they are reflective of your company’s branding guide
We chose to have our company app branded in the AS Watson colors and the AS Watson look and feel so that there's an instant recognition with all of our employees.
- Jan Kees Fokkens, Social Intranet Project Manager, A.S. Watson Benelux
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A Self-serve Interface

A Self-serve Interface

Admins can easily incorporate their company’s own unique branding into almost every aspect of MangoApps. Assign custom appearance settings, color themes, text styles, and more with a self-serve branding module.

Complete Visual Control

Admins can add custom CSS & JavaScript to their network, giving them the freedom to tailor all of the visual elements in MangoApps.
Complete Visual Control

A Platform That Matches
Your Brand’s Look And Feel

Intranet example dashboard
Intranet example company
Intranet example newsfeed
Intranet example projects
Intranet example library
Intranet mobile 1
Intranet mobile 2
Intranet mobile 3
Intranet mobile 4
Intranet mobile 5
Matching The Style Guide

Matching The
Style Guide

Widgets, pages, dashboards and other content areas can be branded/customized as well, providing consistency throughout your platform and ensuring that new content matches the company’s style guide.

A Consistent
Brand Experience

Maintain brand consistency across devices. A user receives the same branded experience whether they access the domain through desktop or the mobile app.
A Consistent Brand Experience
No other platform we looked at could achieve the visual style we wanted. With MangoApps, we were able to create something beautiful and elegant that can serve as a knowledge management platform for our entire firm.
- Debra Helwig, Senior Internal Communications Manager, KCoe Isom
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How Our Customers Use The Branding Module

Meet Specific Needs
Meet Specific Needs
MangoApps allows admins to go beyond built-in functionality by adding their own code directly into the program
Strengthen Company Culture
Strengthen Company Culture
Build brand champions by helping employees feel more connected to their company
Adoption Made Easier
Adoption Made Easier
Domain branding makes the adoption and continued use of MangoApps an easier and more intuitive process
Flexible Dashboards
Flexible Dashboards
Admins can create a global universal dashboard for all employees, or allow workers to personalize their own
A Native-built Tool
A ‘Native-built’ Tool
MangoApps’ extensive branding module allows you to create something that feels like a native-built tool