Customized Branding

Admin can easily incorporate their company’s own unique branding into almost every aspect of MangoApps. Customizations include incorporating a company logo, creating a personalized favicon, choosing from a variety of themes, and even advanced branding abilities.

Complete Visual Control

Admins can also add custom CSS to their network, giving them the freedom to tailor all of the visual elements in MangoApps and design an immersive and engaging platform that perfectly matches their brand’s current look and feel.

Standardized Content

Pages, wikis, dashboards and other content areas can be branded as well. These locations can be standardized to meet a brand-specific look, providing consistency throughout MangoApps and ensuring that new content matches the company’s current style guide.

Modules To Meet Company Needs

Turn on or off any of the modules available in MangoApps, creating a productive, informative and centralized location designed to help employees meet communications requirements and achieve business goals.

Personalized Recognition

MangoApps makes it easy to recognize employees for exceptional achievements and special events. Admins can upload custom images for employee recognition, birthday reminders and office fun, specific to their company culture.

Familiar Terminology

Every company has a unique way of describing and identifying information. MangoApps helps to keep these phrases consistent by allowing admins to change titles, labels, and descriptions to match those already used by the organization.

Custom User Profile Banner

Admins can upload a custom background banner or image that shows up for all users on their profile pages. This allows for a consistent and relevant brand guideline across all profile pages.

Brand Outgoing Emails

Email branding allows admins to create customized branding for the header and body of outgoing emails. Personalize background images, colors, fonts and more.

Create Custom Calendar Event Types To Suit Your Company

MangoApps gives domain admins the freedom and control to activate or create custom and unique event types that match the needs and culture of the business. While pre-shipped with a handful of standard event types, MangoApps allows admins to create custom event types for anything else.

Posts and Newsletters Are Easier With Templates

There are 8 ready-to-use post templates shipped with MangoApps. Domain admins have the freedom to customize any number of additional templates to fit company branding and internal communication needs, allowing users to save time and remain consistent across the organization.

Additional Customization and Branding Features

Endlessly Adaptable
MangoApps lets admins go beyond built-in functionality by adding their own code directly into the program.
Flexible Dashboards
Admins can create a global dashboard that is universal for all employees or allow workers to personalize their own.
Adoption Made Easier
Company-specific customization makes the adoption and continued use of MangoApps an easier and more intuitive process.
Build Brand Champions
Integrating company ideals into MangoApps help employees feel more connected and become natural brand champions.
Company Brand The Web IM Bar
The user interface and appearance of the MangoApps web instant-messaging bar can be changed as per your company branding.

How Our Customers Use Customization and Branding

  1. 1
    Adapt MangoApps to meet their specific needs
  2. 2
    Strengthen company culture and community
  3. 3
    Create consistency between new and existing content
  4. 4
    Give users a greater sense of pride and investment, using a tool that reflects their brand and encourages engagement

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