MangoApps named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Digital Workspaces. Read the Report »
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MangoApps named a leader in:

The IDC MarketScape: Content Management Systems For Authenticated Digital Workspaces

Find out why MangoApps is a leader in this report

>MangoApps named a leader in

IT-Specific Benefits

Easy Implementation & Administration

Easy Implementation
& Administration

Eliminate high implementation costs with our proven deployment process. In addition, our easy-to-use admin interface makes it a breeze to maintain MangoApps.
Time Savings


Manage and consolidate tech support inquiries with self-service wikis, resource libraries, and interactive forms that turn requests into actionable tasks.
Accommodating Customer Support

Customer Support

Our support (dedicated CSM and TAM) will feel like an extension of your IT team, with 24/7 access and deep involvement in ensuring your success.
MangoApps was the best fit for us because of the scale of the platform, the extensibility, the capabilities of the platform, and where we could take it.
- Mike Gager, TeamHealth IT Vice President
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Two Deployment Options

Multi-Tenant Hosted

Multi-Tenant Hosted

Data Centers in the US, Ireland,
Germany, Asia, and Australia
Single Tenant Hosted

Single-Tenant Hosted

Any AWS Data Center

IT-Friendly Features

Designed for easy implementation and maintenance


The MangoApps platform covers a wide range of sign-on options for both cloud and on-premise applications.

  • SAML-based services
  • Office365 and Google Apps SSO
  • Custom SSO ability
View Feature Details >
SAML-based services
Robust Security

Robust Security & Compliance

Ensure that your MangoApps platform is safe, secure, and compliant.

  • Additional sign-in security
  • Custom IP ranges
  • Remote data control for lost or stolen devices
  • Firewall and network protection
  • Comprehensive compliance cloud
View Feature Details >
Robust Security & Compliance
Data Compliance & Retention

Data Compliance & Retention

Admins have full control over account compliance with a wide range of data compliance and retention options.

  • Auto-archival and auto-delete rules
  • Terms of service and usage policy implementation
  • Email compliance configurations
  • Data tracking and loss prevention
View Feature Details >
Data Retention
Built-In Open APIs & Webhooks

Built-In Open APIs & Webhooks

Extend MangoApps to create a custom platform that fits your company needs. Our predefined open APIs and Webhooks make it easy for developers to:

  • Create custom employee experiences
  • Build specific solutions with data support
  • Expand upon current MangoApps functionality
  • Take a hands-on approach to create a unique platform
View Feature Details >
Built-In Open APIs & Webhooks
Usage Reports and BI

Usage Reports & BI

Gain insights and analytics on how your employees are using the MangoApps platform.

  • Generate comprehensive user and team reports
  • Safely view, share, and store reports
  • Integrate with Microsoft Power BI to access in-depth analytics
View Feature Details >
Power BI Integration
Support Team

Support Team

An in-house custom development service that works to meet all your needs.

  • Requirement discussions
  • Development & QA
  • Flexible deployment
  • Maintenance & enhancements
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Support Team
IOS & Android Mobile Apps

IOS & Android Mobile Apps

Connect your employees wherever they are with our easy to use mobile app:

  • Notifications to stay informed
  • Complete access to all platforms and information
  • On-the-go communication and task management
View Feature Details >
IOS & Android Mobile Apps
Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

A centralized hub for business process management and workflows, unlocking seamless information flow within your company.

  • Automated workflows and notifications, with templates for approval and notifying
  • Centralized information organization and visualization
View Feature Details >
Automated Workflows
Global Search
Project Workspaces

Project Workspaces

Foster an open environment that creates better visibility into other departments, such as IT and HR transparency.

  • Collaboration and tracking across multiple projects
  • Project permission and visibility
  • Searchable history and knowledge transfer
View Feature Details >
Project Workspaces

An Integrated
Workplace Hub

Built-in integrations are easy to use and meant to complement your MangoApps platform. Simply enable them with a switch and check a few boxes to customize and configure. Don’t see something that you need? Go even further with our open APIs and Webhooks.
See all integrations
Active Directory
Early on, the question was: ‘You want thousands of people, not your employees, to work on this platform?’ The answer was yes. And the response from the MangoApps team was, ‘Well, let's see what we can do,’ so they started the conversation. We've been very lucky.
- Teresa Rowe, Senior Directory of Assembly and Standard Technology, IPC

The benefits are clear.
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