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MangoApps is the Most Popular SharePoint Alternative

When deploying a new intranet or keeping existing Intranet, SharePoint is often pushed by IT departments who want to benefit from the O365 package. Here are some of the most popular misconceptions about using SharePoint as a modern Intranet solution.

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Misconception #1

SharePoint is Free as it is Part of Our Microsoft License Package

No, It's not free. While SharePoint may seem low-priced or free (with O365), making SharePoint work for your business requires serious time and money. This picture from Gartner tells the full cost story.

Many businesses mistakenly assume that because SharePoint comes with their existing Microsoft license it will be economical to deploy. To get the most out of SharePoint it has to be treated as a custom software development project and that is often very expensive. Even if you had the budget for the initial cost, what about ongoing enhancements, upkeep, and upgrades?

Misconception #1 - SharePoint is Free
Misconception #2

SharePoint is a Modern Intranet

At its core SharePoint is a content management system designed for storing documents. It doesn’t have the elements that are needed for an employee-centric company intranet. Also, it is plagued by high costs, frustrated users and low engagement. Give your business a mobile-first, modern, company intranet designed specifically to keep employees informed & engaged.

Misconception #3

Every Employee Has Access to SharePoint

More often than not, the office-based workers will have O365 licenses, but deskless or mobile workers, don't. Deploying a corporate intranet on SharePoint will either mean only connecting some of your staff (in some industries as high as 80%-90%) or make heavy investments in getting additional licenses and software.

Misconception #3 - Every Employee Has Access to SharePoint
Misconception #4

SharePoint Adoption is Decent

Because employees find SharePoint difficult to use, administrators find it hard to manage, and it lacks some of the core elements required for a modern company intranet, SharePoint is known for extremely low adoption rates. With heavy investments, you can likely get to an acceptable adoption but you have to ask why take on all the complexity and settle for less?

Misconception #5

SharePoint is a Safe Choice

It is anything but a safe choice. The AIIM report ‘The SharePoint Puzzle’ reveals 72% of SharePoint implementations failed to meet their objective and were abandoned. We attribute this ERP like implementation and customization cycle needed to make the product fit your business and culture. So, even though the familiar phrase "nobody got fired for buying Microsoft" may provide comfort to some, there is a much easier and no-risk path to success.

Misconception #5 - SharePoint is a Safe Choice

There is a Better Way

With MangoApps, companies create an employee-centric hub for their company intranet and content management, immediately seeing measurable benefits and ROI. Employee experience is everything. Get it right with MangoApps!

Low Ownership Cost
80% savings over the average cost of a ‘successful’ SharePoint implementation factoring in the cost of dedicated technical implementation.
Greater Adoption & Engagement
Increase employee participation and see 10x adoption by creating a truly collaborative and engaged company portal with up-to-date and useful information.
Unified Knowledge & Search
Surface the knowledge, files, and tools that employees need with unified search and efficient navigation.
Fully Integrated
75+ integrations make it easy to connect your existing systems and services right out of the box.
Easy Administration
Make it 6x faster and easier for administrators to build, manage, and keep content up to date with a friendly admin UI.
Real Support
Our dedicated customer success and support teams ensure implementation and roll out that is tailored specifically to your business needs.

Moving to MangoApps

To make the migration to MangoApps risk-free, MangoApps integrates with SharePoint. Our easy integration allows employees to continue using SharePoint during the transition period while still being able to enjoy everything MangoApps provides.

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A Perfect SharePoint Alternative

Sharepoint is not always the best fit for company Intranet and collaboration needs. Download the whitepaper to see why mid-size businesses are migrating from Sharepoint to MangoApps
A Perfect SharePoint Alternative
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