Why customers are replacing Sharepoint

  • User adoption & engagement is very low
  • Lack of basic new capabilities like social networking
  • Limited mobile access
  • Expensive to customize, support & administer
  • Outdated & not good for collaborating with teams and clients

What customers like about MangoApps

  • Easy to use & Administer (no coding, easy upgrades)
  • Built-In capabilities like Enterprise Social Networking
  • Robust Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android
  • Fraction of the TOTAL cost of Sharepoint
  • Well thought-out and has the necessary breadth & depth to provide a holistic employee experience
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Reasons to Consider a SharePoint Alternative

Seldom is a major software platform downright "bad." In most cases, it’s simply a matter of incompatibility. E.g. a business purchases SharePoint, attracted to some of its marketing promises and one or two core modules, but fails to realize how broad and complex the product is — too broad for their needs. Six months into their contract, they’re drowning in IT maintenance costs and lack the resources to properly use their new system.

To avoid this mistake, make sure the collaboration software you choose (or intranet, or content management system, or whatever you call it) is a good fit for your needs. Businesses who switch from SharePoint to other solutions typically cite one of the following reasons:

Too expensive: When you factor in upfront price, plus maintenance costs, provisioning, and upgrades, the server-based version of SharePoint can cost a business thousands of dollars for a single license. Companies that successfully use SharePoint often hire a dedicated SharePoint specialist to configure, maintain, and update the system, which is quite unrealistic for the average small or medium-sized business.

Too complicated: SharePoint is less a single product than an ecosystem of product modules. This is good in terms of versatility, but doesn’t always translate into "user-friendly," or even "buyer friendly," for that matter. It’s probably why, if you Google "SharePoint," the second result is a post by Microsoft Support called "What is SharePoint?"

Too high-maintenance: Because of its complexity, especially in the server-based version, SharePoint requires a lot of time and IT resources to maintain. According to a survey of mid-market IT executives by Osterman Research, 43 percent of businesses find the initial rollout difficult or very difficult, and 46 percent say the same of managing content updates.

You may also be interested in alternatives if you’re looking for a cloud storage service, but don’t need the robust features of an Intranet platform and don’t want to pay the high(er) price tag. If that’s the case, there are plenty of cloud storage solutions on the market, many which offer enterprise-level encryption and access control for business accounts.


Whether you’re moving from SharePoint or buying a platform for the first time, you ought to give MangoApps a try.

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