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Comprehensive Features

Mango360 has all the capabilities you’d expect from the world’s leading employee platform. A partial list of features is included below. To see all the capabilities, please schedule a demo.

Employee Engagement Platform features

Collect Meaningful Insights with Powerful Surveys

Build a better workplace with employee and HR surveys. Measure job satisfaction, evaluate performance, and get crucial feedback from employees.

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Create a Fun Company Culture

Quizzes enable an organization to design any set of questions allowing them to test employees' knowledge, conduct competitions, and drive fun employee learning through the company. Since users are already engaged in the platform, getting all or specific people/teams to participate is quick, safe, and easy without the need for a 3rd party site or getting lost in your employee’s spam.

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Recognize top performers, influencers and contributors

MangoApps makes it easy to recognize employees for exceptional achievements and special events. Admins can upload custom images for employee recognition, birthday reminders and office fun, specific to their company culture.

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Spread office cheer and positive culture by creating more reason for interaction

Creating and fostering a healthy company culture is paramount to the happiness of employees and success of the company. With greetings, colleagues are given the opportunity to interact and send best wishes to each other to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, well wishes, congratulations, and more.

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Gauge employee interest on topics and ideas and make critical informed decisions

Targeted polls make it easy to determine who should be invited and what access they have, while finding relevant information without ever leaving the MangoApps environment.

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Enterprise gamification designed to keep employees engaged

Points are allocated for activities a user performs across the domain. Receiving points also depends on key attributes such as frequency of participation, contribution type, contribution to projects, etc. The points create a sense of progression for the user, adding to the gamification and engagement strategy.

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Full Administrator Control

MangoApps is built for any business, small to enterprise, giving all the necessary tools and power to the admins to set up and personalize the portal to the needs of the business and company culture.

Extensible, Secure, Easy to Deploy and Maintain

As Mango Pulse is built on the world's most powerful employee platform, you automatically benefit from 10+ years of carefully crafted capabilities that are part of the MangoApps platform.

  • Almost all single sign-on options
  • Advanced security controls
  • Data compliance and retention controls
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options
  • Extensive open APIs for custom integrations
  • Reliable and infinitely scalable design
  • Instantly add other MangoApps applications as you need them

Built on the World's Most Powerful Employee Platform

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Thank you for your request. We will review the information you provided and will contact you within 1 business day.
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