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Seeking Deeper Customer Engagement & Loyalty?

Struggling to cultivate a vibrant, committed customer community and drive lasting loyalty?

Want to Foster Peer Connections?

Looking to provide a platform where customers can connect, share, and learn from each other?

Desiring Streamlined Customer Care?

Overwhelmed by high support costs and juggling multiple communication channels?

Need Smoother Customer Onboarding & Adoption?

Concerned that customers aren't fully benefiting from all your product features?

Eager for Strong Customer Advocates?

Searching for ways to nurture passionate advocates and ensure consistent brand messaging?

Hungry for Valuable Customer Insights?

Finding it challenging to consistently gather feedback and actionable customer data?

Elevate Your B2B Community

With MangoApps Enterprise Community Suite, you're not just building a community; you're curating a rich ecosystem where every member feels valued, informed, and engaged.

Communication Suite

Streamlined Communication for Your Community

Crafting meaningful interactions has never been easier. Host webinars, roll out one-minute videos, and use our engagement analytics to see how your announcements or news resonate.

Training & Knowledge Management

Engaging Learning Experiences

Bring training to life. Set up interactive training modules, leverage the AI assistant for support, and use role-based learning programs to cater to diverse needs. Plus, with built-in assessments and certifications, members can validate their knowledge.

Idea Management

Where Ideas Come to Life

Your community is a goldmine of insights. Harness it. Capture fresh ideas, launch campaigns around trending topics, and use the Ideas module to organize and evolve concepts based on member feedback.

Rewards & Recognitions

Celebrate Every Milestone

Champion your members' success. Share their achievements, build sub-communities for niche interests, and ensure everyone's contributions are recognized with our built-in recognition module.

Engagement Tools

Fostering Deeper Connections

Active engagement is the heart of a community. With our built-in surveys, polls, and feedback tools, you can continuously tune into your members' voices. And with our recognition features, let them know you're listening.

Onboarding Solutions

Smooth Onboarding, Every Time

Roll out the red carpet for every newcomer. Our suite offers dedicated workspaces, Single Sign-On, and automated membership management, ensuring that the first impression is always top-notch.

News & Announcements

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

No more missed updates. Share crucial service news, harness mobile push notifications, and ensure everyone's on the same page with our role-based permissions.

Community Channels

Share, Learn, and Grow Together

Encourage knowledge sharing. From best practices-driven sessions to sentiment checks, you can continuously refine and innovate. And our automated notifications ensure everyone stays in the loop.

MangoApps AI

AI-Driven Excellence in Every Interaction

Harness our LLM chatbot for precise insights, refine communication with versatile writing tools, and connect talents seamlessly with our Knowledge & Skill Graph.

Enterprise Integrations

Seamless Integration With Other Platforms

Merge popular business tools like CRM and ERP for a cohesive community feel, ensure secure yet simplified access, and craft bespoke solutions with our robust APIs to fit your organization's unique needs.

Security & Compliances

Unrivaled Security and Flexibility

Boasting certifications like FedRAMP ATO and ISO-27001, our intranet exemplifies top-tier security. Benefit from multilayered protection for data privacy, paired with adaptable governance tailored to your organization's distinct requirements.

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